GRAW 2 Revealed, Assassin's Creed Delayed

Ubisoft has made quite a few revelations through its sales report for its current fiscal year, and they’re not about the company’s financial success. First up is the disclosure of a sequel to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: dubbed GRAW2, it will ship in the fourth quarter of its current fiscal year, which puts it sometime between January and March 2007.

It is already known that the publisher has the largest number of launch titles for the Wii. Well, that did not stop them from upping the number: it announced an additional seven games for the Wii, including one ‘non-announced new brand’, bringing the total number of games available for the system to 14 by March 2007.

Lastly, in a bit of sad news, Ubi revealed that both Assassin’s Creed and Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway have been delayed from the Q1 2007 release periods. These games are now scheduled for release sometime between April 2007-March 2008.

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