Ozzy Osbourne Graces ArtGuitar

ArtGuitar has announced that it will offer two exclusive designs featuring Ozzy Osbourne for its limited edition AG RiffMaster Guitar controller, which can be used for games like Guitar Hero on the PS2. They also announced new designs from KISS.

“We create detailed designs featuring iconic rock artists that you simply can’t find anywhere else, and we’re thrilled to add Ozzy Osbourne to our guitar controller portfolio,” stated Steve Spurgeon, CEO of ArtGuitar. “The AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller truly customizes the rock experience and our customers now have 16 limited edition designs to choose from.”

The AG RiffMaster controller is a genuine life-size Peavey guitar modified to play with guitar-based games on the PS2. Alongside Ozzy Osbourne and KISS designs, ArGuitar is also offering images from Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd in its guitar controller portfolio.

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