Arcade Stick Offered for X360

Offering arcade action for gamers on the Xbox 360, Arcade-in-a-Box has announced the availability of single and dual-player authentic arcade controllers for the console. The controls are identical to those used on arcade machines like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat; they can also be used on a Windows PC. They are priced at $149 and $299 for single and dual-player controllers, respectively.

“Xbox 360 gamers have a wide variety of classic arcade games to play, but until now there hasn’t been a high-quality, stick with the authentic controls that hard core gamers demand” Says Ed Farias, Owner of Arcade-In-A-Box. “Our goal was to design and deliver a product for the gamer who wanted the most elite, most authentic, and most thrilling Xbox 360 arcade experience possible.”

The company has various other arcade-based products in its portfolio, including home arcade consoles and more.

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