Fable 2 Update: "Next-gen" World

A new Fable 2 update is up on the Lionhead website, this time offering word on the world in the game and how they are developing it to be truly “next-gen”. Here’s a bit:

Dene Carter created 2D sketches of most of the areas that are used in Fable 2. Charlton then went off, using the Fable: The Lost Chapters engine, to turn those sketches into a “real” world in which you could walk around. The aim of this process was to get a complete feel of what it will eventually look like, while the technical guys were working on the tools and the brand new Fable 2 engine itself. It took Charlton about 2 – 3 days to create every area this way. The team could then walk around in the world and review each area and make the required changes instead of working with an engine that isn’t finished yet or designing all the levels on paper without a real feel of the final result. This “template world” allowed the design team to get a really good feel for the game and improve all areas even before being able to test them in the Fable 2 engine. Once all of this was done and the programmers and coders finished their initial work everything was transferred to the new Fable 2 engine, including the height fields which are so all-important. Don’t ask me why they’re that important, as I’m not completely familiar with all this vocabulary but Charlton mentioned it on more then just once occasion.

This time around the world will be “much bigger and better;” however it seems that it will still be on-the-rails as its predecessor. Going off-topic, the update also mentioned that the design document for Fable 2 currently stands at 1,364 pages or around 550,000 words. Now, that’s BIG!

I should also mention that a new piece of low-res concept art is also attached with the update (mirrored here).

Fable Concept Art

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