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Unreal Tournament 3 Videos; First Episode of The Guild

On BeyondUnreal are shaky-cam videos of Unreal Tournament 3 from Comic-Con. These videos show multiplayer deathmatch, as well as the sniper rifle in action for the first time. The videos are also mirrored on Youtube for those who prefer to stream.

In more video news, the first episode of The Guild, a sitcom about online gamers, is now live on Youtube. The series has been created by Felicia Day (Buffy’s Vi) and is directed by Jane Selle Morgan. Worth a watch. Embedded below:

College Saga – World's Finest Final Fantasy Parody

There have been thousands of Final Fantasy parodies, but none as funny as Mark Leung’s College Saga. Up on Youtube, this epic 40 minute saga chronicles the hero’s efforts against vegetarians threatening to take over the world. Features repetitive NPCs, silly obstacles, turn-based combat and item acquiring, this is comedy at its finest. Below is episode one:

Hit the jump if you wanna catch the full saga.
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Watch YouTube From Your Couch


Video sharing sites like YouTube were designed to be viewed on a high-resolution computer display, and not for TV. Well, SofaTube rectifies that: this online application lets users of the Wii and PS3 browsers view videos from the site through a simplified layout, with easy navigation, big-sized fonts and less browser load.

The application has been developed by Red Kawa, who also has a collection of games for the aforementioned consoles, as well as a few other applications, including one involving Flickr.