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Beta Registrations

One of those ultra-rare Linux gamers? Then check out this page where you can sign up to beta test the Linux edition of X3: Reunion, the latest entry in the space combat series. On LinuxGames are details on participation.

For Windows gamers, there’s the Hellgate London beta. However, this won’t be free, as interested parties will have to pre-order the game through Hellgate Resistance, who notes that buying the game will include a chance to participate in the game’s beta testing: “Signing up for the pre-order will also automatically register your name on the waiting list for the Hellgate: London beta test.”


On Egosoft’s website you’ll now find a pair of new patches for X3: Reunion, updating the space-sim to v1.4. This post offers details on the bug-fixes and updates in the patch.

The German-language edition of Neverend has received a new patch as well as a free add-on called Neverend Reinforcement. Those who understand German can refer to this page.

Victoria has been patched to v1.04, with details on the update available here. An extensive list of changes to be found in the upcoming Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords patch has been posted.


On the Legion Arena website you’ll find a v1.0101b update for the strategy game, updating its English, French, German, Italian and Spanish CD versions. This page offers details on what’s new in the update.

A hotfix for the recently released X3: Reunion demo has been released, fixing a problem with a “File Not Found error when you try to play the demo for a second time.” An updated version of the demo with the hotfix applied is also available.

X3: Reunion Demo

On Egosoft is a playable demo for X3: Reunion, offering the chance to sample the space exploration and combat title. However, people who are anti-Starforce might want to stay away from the demo, as the copy protection method is present in the demo. The file has been mirrored on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell and Worthplaying.