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Wii Hitting North America on Nov 19

Keeping to its promise that the Wii will be the cheapest next-gen console when released, Nintendo announced that North America will be getting the Wii for $250 on November 19. This price includes the console itself, one wireless Wii Remote controller, one Nunchuk controller and Wii Sports, containing five different sports games. The company also announced the Japanese release date: December 2.

Between launch day and December 31, Nintendo notes that prospective owners of the console will be able to enjoy from a lineup of 30 titles, 21 of which is expected to be available starting day one. Sadly, Metroid Prime 3 has been delayed to next year.

In related news, Nintendo also revealed that first party games for the console will retail for $50. Pricing plans for third party titles were not revealed.

Wii Games to Feature Gamers' Faces

Coming as another exciting new feature to the Wii is the inclusion of face-capture technology. E3 attendees got the chance to see Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime play Wii Tennis on-screen which featured their faces in a cartoon-style on their character’s faces. This feature was not a one-time gimmick, but will be available to all Wii players (and across other Wii games), confirmed Miyamoto in an interview to MTV News.

As expected, he did not reveal details on how it will be done, or which games will feature support for the technology. Further information is expected soon.

Wii Sports!

There’s something for everyone: Nintendo has announced Wii Sports, a game made up of several sports, including tennis, baseball, golf and many others.

Format: Wii™
Launch Date: TBA
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)
Game Type: Sports
Players: 1-4, depending on the game
Developer: Nintendo

  • Tennis (1-4 players): Players grab the controller like a racket and swing – the game will register forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs, slices, spin and power depending on how fast the user swings and at what angle. Don’t worry about moving around the court to get to the ball – the game automatically moves players into position.
  • Baseball (1-2 players): Grip the controller like a bat and swat fastballs out of the park in a home run derby. Timing and bat speed will make all the difference between going yard and whiffing, so keep an eye on the ball and swing for the fences. In the two-player game, one player pitches and the other bats.
  • Golf (1 player): Step up to the tee, hold the controller like a golf club and swing naturally to smack the ball onto the green. The harder players swing the club, the farther the ball will fly, so be sure to take some practice swings before going for the pin. After reaching the green, line up putts carefully, practice the stroke and try to hole out.
  • Additional games may be added to the Wii Sports group.

And now the screenshot-cum-demonstrations: