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NCAA Football 08 Features Real-time Weather

EA and The Weather Channel Interactive jointly announced that the recently released NCAA Football 08 features the ability to experience real-time weather conditions and updates through a service provided by the latter. It will take weather data from the weather forecasting service to reflect accurate, real-time weather conditions at NCAA stadiums.

“This is a long-awaited feature for gamers – it is the first sports game we know of where actual current weather conditions will affect weather conditions in the game,” said Derek Van Nostran, director of marketing for The Weather Channel Interactive. “The Weather Channel Interactive welcomes this opportunity to work with EA Sports to bring an extra dose of realism to the game.”

The Weather Channel provides a custom weather data feed to EA Sports for each stadium location. Every time a player loads a game while logged into the Internet, they have the option to choose real-time weather from the service. The feature has been illustrated below through the screenshots.

NCAA Football 08 is now available in stores for the PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.