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Warhound Details, Screenshots

An updated fact sheet was sent out for Warhound, an upcoming open-ended FPS from Techland, offering new details on the game. Set for release sometime next year for PC and Xbox 360, the game will offer full freedom to players and will offer weapons, battlefield tactics and vehicles for the player to peruse. Here’s the deal:

Warhound is an open-ended First-Person Shooter (FPS) set in modern times. In the game, you will play as an ex-Delta Force operative, now working for the world’s largest military contractor. In Warhound, you’ll complete a variety of challenging missions in battlefields around the world, while later uncovering a massive terrorist plot that targets the United States and thousands of its citizens.

Warhound focuses on complete freedom of choice, and as such, you will have unprecedented opportunities to pick your missions, weapons, battlefield tactics and vehicles. You will select mission start times, insertion/extraction points and the types (land, sea or air) of insertion. You will also need to keep on top of your training, finances and position in the highly-competitive mercenary market to ensure you receive only the most select missions. More successful missions equal more money, which can be used to buy new equipment and weapons for future jobs. Warhound’s innovative First Person Perspective (FPP) cover system will allow you to bring the battle to your enemies in ways you’ve never dreamed of before.

More information after the jump. Here are some nice high-resolution screenshots from the game:

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Warhound Announced

Techland has announced Warhound, an upcoming first-person shooter that puts players in the role of a mercenary cleaning up the world of evil. Scoop:

Warhound is an FPP shooter where you make a career of the elite mercenary. When you are not working, you get new licenses and improve. When at work, you take part in the hottest world conflicts

Because you are a Warhound – an elite mercenary on the side of good.

The choice is yours. You’ve got a laptop and a map of the world. Presidents, businessmen, and ordinary people ask you for help where nothing more can be done officially. You choose a mission, then fly, clean and disappear. You get the reward and nobody knows anything.

Will you lead your carrier to reach the top?


  • Manage your carrier. SOS messages come from many places. Freely plan you way of a mercenary.
  • Develop your skills. Gain the license of an Alpinist to climb harder and harder rocks, learn to operate new vehicles – from jeep to tanks and boats; practice shooting and test weapons on your own firing ground.
  • Fight the way you want. Each mission has a number of ways to reach the goal. The number depends on your abilities.
  • Go back to where you already fought. Enemies are like weed which revive in uncultivated soil. Many missions can be repeated many times.
  • Manage your equipment. Buy better weapons and trade the equipment found on the battleground.
  • Use the intelligence service. Buy information that will allow you to learn more about your enemy.
  • Specialize. By completing tasks of given type you become a specialist. Build your reputation which will bring you new orders and will open the way to the top of the ranking.


  • Support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques, including:
    • 64-bit color High Dynamic Range rending pipeline
    • virtual displacement mapping, multi-bump mapping,
    • wide range of post-processing effects (depth-of-field, light blooms, refraction, heat distortion)
    • high quality pre-computed lighting with ambient occlusion
    • pre-computed shadow masks, omni-projector lights
  • High quality Spherical Harmonics Lighting
  • Outdoor light scattering simulation
  • Dynamic shadows based on global hierarchical shadow-maps using hardware shadow mapping
  • High quality character models built from high-poly meshes using normal maps (bump mapping)
  • Multi-morphtarget facial mimics
  • Accurate simulation and animation of vegetation, fumes and smokes – reaction to wind, moving object, etc.
  • Global Physics simulation system including the simulation of:
    • rigid body dynamics, clothes, next generation muscle-skeleton ragdoll
    • natural phenomena simulation: fire, smoke, liquid, electricity and wind effects,
    • objects properties influence with liquids
    • surface parameters such as friction
  • Effective and easy to use authoring tools
  • Real time multi-layer foliage generation

The game is yet to carry a release date.