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The Walking Dead sells a million copies

The Walking Dead
is off to a brilliant start: its first episode has become Telltale’s fastest selling game ever, hitting one million copies in just three weeks after launch. That figure includes PC, Mac, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sales. It is due out on iOS later this summer.

Four more episodes are still to come, so there’s still time for more sales. The next one is due out sometime next month.

I thought the first episode was most excellent. It focused on human drama, along with some zombies having their brains smashed in for good measure.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1–A New Day (PC) Review

If you’re looking for a cinematic, story-driven experience then this is it. The zombies are secondary to human drama. Rating: 9/10. Buy from Amazon (affiliate link).

Telltale Games delivers, what I believe, is their best game till date. Episode 1 starts off brilliantly with an excellent script, interesting cast of characters with engaging personalities, and a strong sense of dread around every corner. It builds up the anticipation for the next episode, so much so that you’ll be left eager and curious for the next installment which comes out next month.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 succeeds where most other games fail. It introduces numerous characters over the span of two to three hours. Unlike most games, however, you feel close to them, having understood their struggles, ambitions, hopes, dreams, and the realization of what makes them tick. They become “real” people with fleshed out personalities. Although the game doesn’t break new ground, it stays true to the things that make Robert Kirkman’s comic book series so compelling: human drama in the midst of horror and death.

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