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PSP Video Download Service Launching in Europe

psp-sky.jpgSCEE also announced that it will launch a video download service for the PSP in Europe in partnership with British Sky Broadcasting. The Go! Branded service will launch early next year and will offer millions of PSP owners the opportunity to turn their device into a personalized library of programs to enjoy.

The service will launch with a selection of programs from Sky, spanning sports, entertainment, movies, music and animation. Additionally, non-Sky videos will also be offered through third-parties. Customers will be able to download content through their PSPs Wi-fi connection or through a PC.

No pricing details were mentioned. It also wasn’t detailed if the service would launch elsewhere as well.

Video Download Service Launching in UK

Owners of the PPS in the UK and Ireland will soon be able to view on-demand video on the Sony console, thanks to a joint venture company set up by SCEE and SKY.

The company, with equal board level representation from either company, will offer a video download service offering a wealth of video and film content to more than 2.3 million PSP users in the region. The company is also in talks to extend the service to other European countries.

More information on the service will be announced at the Leipzig Games Convention on August 22.

College Saga – World's Finest Final Fantasy Parody

There have been thousands of Final Fantasy parodies, but none as funny as Mark Leung’s College Saga. Up on Youtube, this epic 40 minute saga chronicles the hero’s efforts against vegetarians threatening to take over the world. Features repetitive NPCs, silly obstacles, turn-based combat and item acquiring, this is comedy at its finest. Below is episode one:

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X360 Video Marketplace Beats Out Alternatives

X360 Marketplace > Amazon Unbox

Variety reports that Xbox Live Video Marketplace is beating out Amazon’s Unbox service, even though it has presence in fewer homes throughout the US. Though there aren’t official sales figures, insiders have told the publication that Microsoft’s online video downloads service is working far better than that of the largest e-tailer on the planet, or any other online retailer for that matter. No exact reason can be found as to why, but the report states that Xbox 360’s direct connection to the TV, as well as tech-savvy users, contribute to the popularity of the service.

The Xbox Video Marketplace has also given flop movies a chance to prove themselves. “If you look at our sales charts, movies like ‘The Perfect Storm,’ ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Swordfish’ are all doing disproportionately better than you would expect, and the only explanation is that they’re available in HD,” said Ross Honey, senior director for media in Microsoft’s content and partner strategy group. In fact, Poseidon, which took $160 million to produce, but bombed badly at the US box office, is quite popular on the online video service.

The report also states that Microsoft is in talks with various studios to get more content on the online marketplace, though no timeframe was given as to when new content can be expected.

Xbox Live Video Service Outperforms Even Amazon

According to Variety, users of Xbox 360’s video download service is consuming more than any other video download service. Even though the console is “only” in 3.5 million homes (as per Variety), Microsoft’s Xbox Live video service has generated far more downloads than competing e-tailers, including the biggest online retailer Amazon.

The article theorizes that the console’s direct connection to the TV, as well as the option of downloading HD movies, has resulted in its greater success, whereas only tech-savvy users on other e-tailers can watch their purchased videos on their television. It continues, saying that Microsoft is in talks with more studios (except Sony, of course) to get their hands on more high-definition content for its users.

Watch YouTube From Your Couch


Video sharing sites like YouTube were designed to be viewed on a high-resolution computer display, and not for TV. Well, SofaTube rectifies that: this online application lets users of the Wii and PS3 browsers view videos from the site through a simplified layout, with easy navigation, big-sized fonts and less browser load.

The application has been developed by Red Kawa, who also has a collection of games for the aforementioned consoles, as well as a few other applications, including one involving Flickr.

Microsoft Working on "iKiller"

According to this Reuters report, Microsoft is planning on releasing a music and video player by this Christmas season, dubbed the “iPod killer” due to obvious comparisons to Apple’s tremendously popular iPod.

The Microsoft player will, unlike the iPod, allow users to download music and videos over the air; it will also employ the iTunes model, letting users buy individual tracks or whole albums. They also have a number of other things going for it to be a real threat to Apple.

So what’s this got to do with gaming? Apparently, this device was reported far earlier, although it was erroneously reported to be a “portable Xbox”. The main man behind the Xbox 360, J Allard, is behind the development of this “iKiller”; he has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now, and this just might be the reason why.

Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny the Reuters report. But it would be very interesting to see if the world is ready for a Microsoft music/video player.