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Prey Xbox 360 Update

Prey Xbox 360 ScreenshotThe ninth weekly development update for Prey has been posted, discussing the Xbox 360 version of the game. Here’s a bit from the lengthy post, which also offers a screenshot from the Microsoft console version on the right.

Prey really stretches the Doom3 engine, sometimes in ways it wasn’t designed for. It aims to create a convincingly organic-looking alien world full of curves and natural shapes from an engine designed around box-shaped rooms, and features many additional shaders and special effects that take the visuals far beyond the original Doom3 engine. This extra load meant the coding team had to work hard on optimising the code, removing bottlenecks and spreading the load across the three cores at the heart of the 360 to hit our target of a constant 30fps framerate. We have also had one coder, Mick, working for the best part of 6 months using the 360 performance analysis tools to identify the slower areas of code and rewrite, or in many cases replace routines with low-level machine code to squeeze the best from the machine.

Also included in the update is a group picture of the development team.