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No Velvet Assassin DLC or Sequel

Straying from the beaten path, Velvet Assassin developer has disclosed its intentions not to release any downloadable content or sequel to the forthcoming World War II stealth-action game.

This was stated at the New York Comic-Con where the game is being shown to the public. Since the game is based loosely on historical figures and events, the developer wants to make sure they are being respectful to the family being presented, thus the absence of sequel plans.

The game is due out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 soon.

Replay Studios Backing Out of PC Development

Various problems have caused many PC developers to back out of developing for the platform, instead opting to create games for consoles. Replay Studios joins the list, with founder Marc Moehring saying that the company will be shifting to console-only development after the completion of Velvet Assassin, the upcoming stealth action game, due to various concerns with the PC gaming industry.

“We’re planning on going to consoles more in the future,” he told Gamasutra. Moehring continued, saying that their in-house technology works on the Xbox 360, but does not work on the PS3 and that they are reluctant to hire a “whole team just for technology.” Instead, they are opting to go for readymade solutions, stating that they will be moving to Epic’s popular Unreal Engine 3 for development.

He then went on to suggest that the studio’s small workforce does not help towards success in the current PC gaming market, further adding that they are not interested in making any multiplayer games due to the fact that there are already “a lot” of good titles out there.