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PSP Upgraded to v2.71

In its bid to add new features to the PSP, Sony has released the v2.71 firmware upgrade for the handheld, adding two new bullet points to the devices features list.

The bigger of the two changes included in the update is the ability to download game directly through the handheld’s internet browser into the system’s memory stick. The other change is a patch, fixing a function for the LocationFree Player so that video output is displayed properly when an external tuner is selected. Additionally, users in Japan now have access to Sony’s Portable TV download rental service in the country.

The update is available to users from all territories and can be installed by using the built-in update function, or by downloading the update from Sony’s website.

PSP Firmware Upgraded to v2.7

The PSP has been updated to v2.7 with a new firmware upgrade available through Sony’s website.

According to the company’s announcement, the upgrade adds Flash support to the PSP’s web browser, letting those who browse the internet view animations, as well as play web games through the portable. The upgrade also allows users to stream podcasts to the PSP and save them to the Memory Stick. The 2.7 upgrade also adds support for more popular music formats, enhancing the media playback capabilities of the device. And last, but not least, the upgrade prepares the PSP to act as a receiver for LocationFree, a Sony innovation that allows users to watch TV, play back recorded programmes and set up future recordings through mobile devices.

As an incentive to upgrade, Sony has made available a Loco Roco demo that only runs on 2.7 PSPs.