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Epic’s Rein: “We have not abandoned PC”


The games industry just isn’t what it used to be – many believe that developers focus only on consoles, especially big-hitters such as Epic Games, makers of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. Many say that they have abandoned the PC platform. This put company VP Mark Rein on the defense: while speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, he clarified the company’s focus:

We’ve released an update to the Unreal Development Kit every single month, with huge amounts of changes and improvements which are obviously going into our engine and making them available to customers, we’ve tested them on PC.

If you look at all the UDK games they’re PC only at this point, and we will eventually see them on other devices. But I think that’s a myth that we’ve abandoned the PC, it’s just not true. I mean, Bulletstorm is coming out on three platforms; we’ve just been in this situation where our biggest franchise has been published by a console-holder, and was a very console designed-IP.

While it is easy to point out that Epic’s recent successes have all been on consoles, it would still be too early (and too rash) to say they have abandoned the PC.

Bulletstorm, their next title, hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this coming February.

Unreal Now on Good Old Games

Delivering even more awesome goods, Good Old Games is now host to titles from Epic’s classic shooter franchise Unreal.

The first titles to be available are Unreal Gold (with the Return to Napali expansion pack) and Unreal Tournament: GOTY Edition. Two more titles – Unreal 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 – will also be made available completely DRM-free.

“Epic Games redefined the first-person shooter with the Unreal series, and we’re very happy to welcome them to the growing list of companies that share our vision of digital distribution,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “We know that a lot of gamers have been waiting for new deals, and we’re sure that the Unreal games will satisfy their lust for alien blood and intense multiplayer action… DRM-free, of course.”

Unreal Tournament 2007 Delayed

Gamespot announces, thanks to a Midway rep, that Unreal Tournament 2007 has been delayed till… 2007. “Right now, UT 2007 (PC) is slated to hit in the first half of 2007,” the rep told the site, adding that the PS3 version is yet to get a release date.

The game was previously announced to be released sometime this year, with the PS3 version expected to be a launch title for the console which goes on sale worldwide this November.

UT2004 Gets Adaptive Audio

Have one of those newfangled Creative XFi sound cards? dSonic, in conjunction with Creative, has released an Adaptive Audio MOD for Unreal Tournament 2004, taking advantage of the features present in the cutting-edge sound cards.

“With this mod players will get new weapon sounds that completely surround the player and adaptive music that reacts in real-time to the game play, putting the gamer at the heart of the action” stated dSonic co-founder Kemal Amarasingham. “The music changes depending on game events such as the intensity of the battle, how many health points you have (or don’t), making a kill, etc. It’s smart audio, and something fans will really love – no matter what the genre is, this is a feature that can enhance any game.”

dSonic is looking to implement Adaptive Audio into more games, with recent credits including Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Mage Knight: Apocalypse.