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Cenega's E3 2006 Lineup

The E3 lineup announcements continue, this time coming from European publisher Cenega who will be present at the show with El Matador and UFO: Afterlight.

El Matador, a third person action game developed by Plastic Reality Technologies, will surround the players with the atmosphere of South America and will let them experience the excitement of Drug Enforcement Agency’s war on drugs. Given the role of a special DEA agent, codename Matador, the player will be given an uneasy task to crush a strong drug cartel operating in Colombia. With some thirty weapons to choose from and supported by the latest technologies on the field of graphics, physics, artificial intelligence and sound, this game and its story is one to look out for in the summer.

UFO: Afterlight, under development by ALTAR Games, is a third part of the UFO series. Taking place in the time of its predecessor, UFO: Aftershock, Afterlight will take us to a new environment on the planet Mars where a small group of people took refuge, but their new home won’t feel safe for long.

Presenting new graphics, new range of weapons, enemies and technologies, new environments, planet terraforming and the proven combination of global strategy and small team tactics, this new addition to the UFO series will stand out while maintaining the features and diversity Aftermath and Aftershock are enjoyed for.

Cenega will be sharing a booth with 1C Company, its owner and partner. They will be located at booth #6059 in the kentia Hall.

UFO: Afterlight in Q1 2007

Through a press release on its website, Cenega Publishing announced that it will publish UFO: Afterlight for the PC in Q1 2007. Third in the UFO series, Afterlight will improve on its predecessors in the gameplay department, as well as extend the current storyline of the series.

More details can be found in the press release.