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TrackMania United Forever Gets New Tracks

The next edition in the TrackMania series, TrackMania United Forever, is launching this Friday and will feature even more tracks than before. The game will also feature quite a few new cars and will let players share their custom-created tracks as well as customized cars. Below is the car list:

  • Stadium Car – Iconic TrackMania car that’s part F1 car, part sturdy buggy
  • Fast racing Car – The fastest car in the TrackMania series will test your reaction times
  • The ‘American’ – Sensitive suspension to challenge handling skills
  • 4×4 Grand Class – Fast and flexible with a motor revved to the max
  • Rally Car – Slide round dirt tracks with this ultra light and ultra powerful vehicle
  • Roadster – Requires meticulous driving with expert acceleration and breaking
  • Pick-Up – Rough and tumble racing with a mechanical monster

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TrackMania United Unveiled

A website for TrackMania United has gone up, revealing plans for a consolidated package for all the games and add-ons in the series. In addition to all previous games, United will feature a new set of functionalities for both online and offline play, as well as many other features all of which are described in detail on the site.