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Activision Wins Over The Romantics

Earlier this year The Romantics, a band and not a hippie group, sued Activision on the grounds that the cover of their song in Guitar Hero ’80s was a little too accurate. It has been reported that their injunction for the publisher to stop the sales of the game has been denied in a preliminary hearing.

“Activision is pleased with the ruling and thinks that the case is without merit,” the publisher stated. “The company believes video games represent a growing opportunity for the music industry to reach new audiences and a strong source of potential license revenue for both bands and music publishers.”

Romantics Sue Activision Over Accurate Song

Just when is too good considered “too good”? Well, now you can ask The Romantics, a washed-up group, who is suing Activision over the inclusion of a “too good” cover version of their song “What I like about You” in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the ’80s.

Apparently, the cover version infringed on the group’s rights to its own likeness, with the band claiming that it was an imitation that was “much like the Romantics’ original”. The band is seeking unspecified damages and is also seeking an injunction that could take the game off store shelves.