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The Walking Dead sells a million copies

The Walking Dead
is off to a brilliant start: its first episode has become Telltale’s fastest selling game ever, hitting one million copies in just three weeks after launch. That figure includes PC, Mac, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sales. It is due out on iOS later this summer.

Four more episodes are still to come, so there’s still time for more sales. The next one is due out sometime next month.

I thought the first episode was most excellent. It focused on human drama, along with some zombies having their brains smashed in for good measure.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1–A New Day (PC) Review

If you’re looking for a cinematic, story-driven experience then this is it. The zombies are secondary to human drama. Rating: 9/10. Buy from Amazon (affiliate link).

Telltale Games delivers, what I believe, is their best game till date. Episode 1 starts off brilliantly with an excellent script, interesting cast of characters with engaging personalities, and a strong sense of dread around every corner. It builds up the anticipation for the next episode, so much so that you’ll be left eager and curious for the next installment which comes out next month.

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 succeeds where most other games fail. It introduces numerous characters over the span of two to three hours. Unlike most games, however, you feel close to them, having understood their struggles, ambitions, hopes, dreams, and the realization of what makes them tick. They become “real” people with fleshed out personalities. Although the game doesn’t break new ground, it stays true to the things that make Robert Kirkman’s comic book series so compelling: human drama in the midst of horror and death.

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In other news: Rock Band “Clearwater” DLC, Puzzle Agent Demo, Dead Rising 2 in Australia and Eye of Judgment closing

A monster twelve-pack from southern rockers Credence Clearwater Revival will be gracing Rock Band next week. The tracks will be available starting July 11 and will cost $1.99 a piece of $19.99 for the whole pack. Below are the songs:

    Creedence Clearwater Revival Pack 01

    • "Bad Moon Rising" +
    • "Born on the Bayou" +
    • "Down on the Corner" +
    • "Fortunate Son (Original Version)" +
    • "Green River" +
    • "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" +
    • "Lookin’ Out My Back Door" +
    • "Proud Mary" +
    • "Run Through the Jungle"
    • "Travelin’ Band" +
    • "Up Around the Bend" +
    • "Who’ll Stop the Rain" +

    All tracks are original master recordings. Those marked with a + will also come to LEGO Rock Band.

Meanwhile, The Eye of Judgment players are out of luck as the PlayStation Eye-enabled game will have its online support ended on September 30. The game is now over three years old, and this closure is not a surprise considering the abysmal support it has received since its release.

The Aussies finally get a break! The country’s ratings board, the OFLC, has classified Dead Rising 2 for release with an MA15 rating. The good news? It will be released uncut and unedited. The game is due out at the end of September on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Finally, a demo for Puzzle Agent can be found puzzling its way around the Internet. The 182MB download can be found on FileShack, AtomicGamer and the game’s official website.

Wallace & Gromit Coming to PC, Demo Released

Telltale Games sent word that Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, the new comedy game series based on the popular claymation duo, will premiere for PC on March 24. Episodes will be delivered monthly from the studio’s website; it will also be available from Xbox Live Arcade soon.

The four episodes will feature four brand new stories, setting the earnest inventor and his faithful canine companion embarking on new adventures. A demo offering a sampling of what’s to come has been released exclusively through Yahoo.

As a special preorder offer, those who get the full, four episode series on PC before March 23 will receive a 25% discount off the regular $34.95 price. Customers who preorder will also receive two free bonus episodes, one from Sam & Max and the other from Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

Wallace & Gromit PC Dated, Demo Coming Monday

From the Telltale Games forums comes word that the PC edition of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures is due on March 24 and that a playable demo will be released this Monday. Here’s the deal:

We’ve opened up pre-orders for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures! And what’s more, if you pre-order, you’ll get a 25% discount AND two free games (one Sam & Max episode, and one Strong Bad episode).

But wait, there’s more! Check back Monday (that’s March 16) for the playable demo, available exclusively from Yahoo! Games. Then come back AGAIN the following Tuesday to get the actual playable game! That’s right, the game will be in the hands of you, the gamer, on March 24!

Sam & Max "Season Two" Trailer

With the first season over, it’s time to move on to the second season, and that’s what the Sam & Max duo will be doing. Developer Telltale Games has released a new trailer marking the occasion and revealed a few upgrades that will be present in the new season. New features include a new driving game with an upgradeable car, mini-games for each episode, a character-based hint system and more dynamic NPCs. Check out the video embedded below.


Sam & Max: Season Two Announced

The inevitable second season for Sam & Max has been announced by Telltale and GameTap, marking the return of the anthropomorphic duo this Fall.

“Season One was a great success, but it’s just a starting point for us,” says Telltale’s CEO Dan Connors. “The episodic model presents so many opportunities to innovate and engage the audience in brand new ways. Just wait until you see what Telltale and GameTap have in store with Season Two.”

As for the entries in season two, they will be “keeping the general structure and gameplay” and focusing on telling “farther-reaching, crazier stories,” according to Dave Grossman, Telltale’s design director. There will also be improvements based on user feedback.

For those looking to experience season one, a box set will be available next month, offering additional content alongside the episodes.

CSI Hitting Wii and Xbox 360

Ubisoft today announced that it will release CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hard Evidence for the Wii Xbox 360 this Fall. Marking the first appearance of the franchise on either console, the game will have players use the characters from the show to solve crimes using realistic techniques and lab equipment. Crime scenes will be taken directly from the show, including an all-new garage lab for analyzing large pieces of evidence, improved evidence finding, lab mini-games and more.

As expected, the game will be graphically enhanced for the Xbox 360; gamers on the Wii will be able to use the Wii remote to navigate through a crime scene and do other things within the game. The PC version will ship alongside the console versions.

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CSI Gets Hard Evidence

Ubisoft has officially announced the development of CSI: Hard Evidence, the newest game based on the popular television show. The game, being worked on by Telltale Games, will have the CSI: Las Vegas cast solve crimes using realistic techniques and lab equipment. It will feature forensic reconstructions and crime scenes taken directly from the television show, including an all-new garage lab for analyzing large evidence such as cars and boats, improved evidence gathering, various mini-games and more.

CSI: Hard Evidence is due for release in Spring 2007.

Bone Director's Cut Available

Telltale let it be known that the Director’s Cut editions of the first two episodes of its Bone series are now available. Both Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race can be purchased together for $20 until January 7, with those who have already purchased the games getting upgraded to the new versions at no additional charge.

The Director’s Cuts were created in close collaboration with Jeff Smith, creator of the Bone graphic novels, and include updates to the core game engine as well as new content. New features include a new animated prologue at the beginning of Out from Boneville, providing backstory; updated voice acting and character model for female protagonist Thorn in Out of Boneville; added dialogue lines; and technical improvements, such as scalable resolutions and better game stability.