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Team Fortress 2 getting golden wrench, life-extending machine


Valve was never content with just releasing Team Fortress 2. Since the game has launched, the studio has released tons of updates and content for the game, building on its lore. Take, for example, this Engineer comic, which hints at two major updates to the Engineer class coming soon to the game.

A metal called Australium is the first addition. It has some special properties and a golden hue. The second addition will be a life-extender machine, which, as you can guess by now, extends life.

The above has been confirmed through this video, which shows the use of the Australium wrench. This teaser video also shows some other possible goodies due for the update as well.

Team Fortress 2 Gets Multicore Support

A new patch for Team Fortress 2 officially adds multicore rendering support, allowing users with dual core and quad core CPUs to take better advantage of the money they spent on their computers.

It was a hidden console command at first, but even though it is now official and included in the GUI, Valve notes that it is testing the compatibility of the feature, so the option is turned off by default. You will have to manually enable the option in the game’s menu.

Other changes in the patch include crash fixes, improvements to the engine and more.

Team Fortress 2 DLC on Consoles

Shacknews carries word from Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi that downloadable content is in the pipeline for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2.

“We’re looking at bringing the Goldrush and the new achievements and stuff out to the 360,” Lombardi is quoted as saying. “How and when is still sort of being determined, on pricing and that kind of stuff. On the PC it’s sort of wide open, you can release stuff whenever you want. On the console there’s a little bit more of a pathway.”

Lombardi further noted that they have been waiting for a “critical mass of new content” before releasing something for the console. He hopes that the company will make announcements soon, though he wouldn’t offer any definite date. He also states that he “doesn’t know” if the DLC will be released for the PS3 or not.

New TF2 Maps, Achievements Coming

Shacknews reports that Valve will release two new maps for Team Fortress 2 within the next two months. One of them is a remake of the original’s Badlands map, which places an emphasis on more vertically-oriented gameplay. No information was disclosed on the other map.

The studio will also release a Medic achievement pack, which will add several new achievements for the Medic class as well as make significant gameplay tweaks to that particular class. Apparently, more new content will debut eventually that will make “large scale modifications” to the core of the game.

The site carries clarification that the new maps will be released for the PC version of the game. It is not known if the maps will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Half-Life 2 for PS3 Delayed

In an IGN preview it has been confirmed that the PS3 version of Half-Life 2: Orange Box will arrive weeks later after the PC and Xbox 360 versions are released on October 10. No specific reason was provided for the delay.

Their preview of the game has them describing a new section of the game involving the ever-lovable Alyx and a combine advisor. They have a video of that segment, which I have embedded below. The rest of their preview talks about the Xbox 360 version of the game, as well as the PS3 version of Portal.