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Exit, Battlestar Galactica Hitting XBLA

This Wednesday marks the release of two new Xbox Live Arcade games on the service – Battlestar Galactica and Exit. Here’s the deal:

“Battlestar Galactica,” developed by Australian-based Auran Games, involves intense space battles as players choose to side with either the Humans or Cylon forces. Piloting iconic ships from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider, players lead a squadron through fast-action multiplayer space combat or can play through the intense single-player campaign based on memorable episodes from the TV series, including the riveting first episode of the continuing series, “33,” and the 2007 Emmy Award-winning episode, “Exodus.” “Battlestar Galactica” features both single and multi-player modes for up to eight players, skill-based matchmaking and leaderboards.

A uniquely stylish and addictive puzzle game, “Exit” will have players using their decision-making skills and quick wit to escape numerous obstacles while rescuing people from more emergencies in over 220 levels. Developed by Taito, “Exit” stars Mr. ESC, the escape artist who goes wherever he’s needed to get people out of the worst predicaments you’ve ever seen. When it comes to escape, nothing’s impossible for Mr. ESC.

The games will be available for 800 Microsoft points each.

Rainbow Islands Evolution Announced

Rising Star Games has announced Rainbow Islands Evolution, a remake of a Taito classic, for the PSP. Third in the company’s Evolution series, which includes updates to Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands will also see “innovative, original extrapolations of classic game designs whilst harnessing the 3D power of the PSP.”

Set once again in the titular Rainbow Islands, Bub and Bob are now under the shadow of an evil record company who is polluting the ecosystem with a constant, mass-produced musical dirge. With this cacophony causing the flora to wilt and the fauna to mutate into aggressive enemies, only Bub and Bob have the experience to take on the record company and its seven bosses, setting the stage for an entirely new adventure.

The game environment itself is receiving a major overhaul. The strict vertical ascents of the original have been expanded and extrapolated into three dimensions, with each level’s building-block platforms now following perspective and disappearing into the distance. As Bub and Bob negotiate the levels, these platforms will scroll to the forefront as they become accessible. This literally opens up a new dimension for the classic Rainbow Islands gameplay and forms just one of a host of new features, which will be detailed as Rainbow Islands Evolution nears its early 2007 release date.

Rainbow Islands Evolution is set for release sometime next year. Further details are expected to be announced shortly.

Over G Fighters Announced

Bringing to the Xbox 360 the worst looking game will be Ubisoft, who announced Over G Fighters, a “modern jet fighter” exclusive to the Microsoft console. Although not graphically potent, the game is supposed to deliver “intense and exciting aerial combat showcasing the power of modern aircrafts.” It is being developed by Taito and is scheduled to ship throughout North America and Europe this June.

Below are three rather drab-looking screenshots from the title; the full announcement after the jump.

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