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Assassinate Richard Garriott!

This page marks the call for recruits for the culmination of beta testing for Tabula Rasa, one that will see 10,000 keys given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. The beta wrap-up event will indeed feature the assassination of General British, lead designer Richard Garriott’s in-game avatar.

A rogue team of Tabula Rasa agents will be playing and challenge you to take on General British himself on Friday 26th October 2007 from 19:00h to 21:00 h BST (20:00h to 22:00h CET). As always, stay vigilant… you never know what surprises lurk around the corner…

Do you have the guts to take down the man?

Well, do you?

Tabula Rasa Beta Reward

NCSoft and Destination Games send word that they will reward participants in the Tabula Rasa beta test by giving them an exclusive in-game emote. Here’s the deal: “Your characters will receive access to /throat; use it to show n00bs that you’ve been blasting Bane before blasting Bane was cool.”

The reward will be given only to those who login to the beta anytime between October 25 and October 26. It will become available starting at the end of November around Thanksgiving.

Tabula Rasa Delayed

Originally announced for an October 19 release, Tabula Rasa has been pushed back to November 2, though those who have pre-ordered the game can start playing on October 30.

“This short but critical amount of time will give us time to address several issues including stability and balance as well as allowing our players to test the continent of Ligo (L38+) and our major changes to crafting for a few weeks rather than a few days,” wrote producer Starr Long on the official site. “Our entire development staff feels this extra time is needed as does our beta community. We feel confident that this extra time will make a difference on launch day.”

Tabula Rasa Dated

tabula-rasa-box.jpgLong-in-development MMORPG Tabula Rasa has finally gotten a release date: October 19, with pre-order customers beginning their three-day head start on October 16.

Gaming legend Richard Garriott is behind Tabula Rasa, which combines a vast, persistent game world with a narrative and fast-paced action. It is set in the near-future, having players create characters that must fight to save humanity against hostile alien enemies while trying to gain control of the universe. The game features several unique elements like a Character Cloning System that allows players to explore different character classes without having to create a new character, and dynamic battlefields.

The game will be available in the two usual versions: standard and Limited Collector’s editions. Both versions will require a monthly subscription to play.

Tabula Rasa Gets Collector's Edition

The Collector’s Edition bug has bitten Tabula Rasa, which will also receive the exclusive treatment. NCSoft will release the collector’s edition will exclusive in-game items, including a special character emote, exclusive dye recipes players can use to create unique armor colors and an unique pet. Players will also receive a briefing from Richard Garriott’s alter-ego in the game (General British), classified maps, an Allied Free Sentients (AFS) field guide, dog tags, an AFS challenge coin and a special edition poster. It will also come with a making-of DVD and one month of free gameplay.

“The Limited Collector’s Edition we have put together for Tabula Rasa is loaded with cool things for players who really get into the role-playing aspect of the game,” said Executive Producer Richard Garriott. “Regular players will find the maps and field guide useful as they move full-force into the game’s fast-paced action. Other items, like the dog tags and challenge coins, bring home the ‘brothers in arms’ feeling of this game even when you aren’t playing.”

Tabula Rasa is set for release this Fall.