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Supreme Ruler 2010 Gets New Mission, Revised Price

A new update for Supreme Ruler 2010 is available offering a new mission “taken directly from today’s headlines.” Scoop:

Update 6 features an exciting new Mission taken directly from today’s headlines – Operation Sand Storm, an assault in the Persian Gulf tasked with the capture and destruction of a Secret Nuclear Facility, deep in the heart of Iran. Lead elite US troops on a special mission into hostile territory, forced to bring supplies with you as you go. Mission is based on actual force deployments in the Persian Gulf today.

Additionally, the game has had its price dropped to $20 and can be bought for the budget price from any retailer now.

Supreme Ruler 2010 Website Up

Black Bean Games sends word that they have launched the Supreme Ruler 2010 website, offering information and media from the upcoming geo-political simulation.

Supreme Ruler is based in a chilling yet realistic near future. Following the collapse of the UN the power struggle to fill that void brings the human race to the brink of World War 3. You are the leader of a nation and only one decision rests on your shoulders; how best to tame this unruly world.

Supreme Ruler’s massively in depth economic, political and military structure means that players will have millions of possible solutions to each scenario all accessed through intricate yet easily accessible and intuitive menus.

Supreme Ruler 2010 is sure to be a hit with anyone who has ever said “I should be running this Country” or “I could do better!” now is their chance to prove it.