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Double Fusion: In-game Ads Actually Work

in-game-advertising2.jpgOn Next-gen is word that gaming ad agency Double Fusio has carried out a new study that explores the effectiveness of in-game ads, concluding that they actually have influence over gamers’ buying decisions.

They surveyed the impact of 36 different kinds of in-game ads across 10 games of varying genres. The study implemented a methodology that included eye tracking in order to find out the effectiveness of the ad’s location, dimension and design. Here’s what they found:

  • 75% of gamers engage with at least one ad per minute across most, but not all, game types; 81% of gamers engage at least every other minute
  • Less-cluttered ads are three times as effective at garnering gamer notice than ads that are either cluttered or within cluttered environments
  • While both contribute positively to ad engagement, placement of the ad in the primary camera plane (eye-level) is more important than large size ads
  • Not all ads are created equal – dynamic billboards, around-game interstitials, sponsorships, and interactive product placements all offer different levels of user engagement and pervasiveness in the game
  • The data obtained from the study forms the basis for a new view on gaming measurement, which will allow gaming media plans to be constructed in a way that is both comparable and additive to other media plans

Further details can be found here.