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Street Fighter Dunks look awesome!


Ever wanted to get your feet on Chun-Li, or Ryu for that matter? Thanks to these Street Fighter Dunks, you can now do so without risking injury from severe beatings.

Rumored to be a collaboration between Capcom and Nike, these sneakers use the color schemes of two of the franchise’s most iconic characters.

Don’t get your wallets out yet, though. The sneakers are yet to be released, but when they do, I’ll be there day one!

Doom Director to Helm Street Fighter

Variety reports that Andrzej Bartkowiak, the director behind the Doom film adaptation, has been signed by Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom to direct Street Fighter, an upcoming live-action treatment of the legendary game. Bartkowiak’s past credits also include Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle to the Grave, as well as contributions to Lethan Weapon 4 and Speed, among other films.

The site states that production on the film is set to begin early next year and that Fox is distributing. Justin Marks has penned the script; he has been involved in other videogame and comic book adaptations including Voltron and He-Man.

This marks the second film in the game’s long-run. The first was a complete disaster – starring Van Damme – and is widely considered to be the worst “video game film” of all time. This time around, they are focusing mainly on Chun-Li as she embarks on a “quest for justice.”

Capcom Looking to Make Better Game-Movie Adaptations

streetfightermovieposter.jpgCapcom has seen both success and failure in creating movie adaptations based on its franchises – Resident Evil has been its most successful franchise in the movie world, whereas the Street Fighter movie released back in 1994 is listed as one of IMDB’s worst 100 movies of all time. The company recently revealed that it has hired Germaine Gioia to serve as Senior VP Licensing in its Los Angeles office, with the aim that she will liaison with Hollywood to find properties that can be turned to movies.

Unknown to us gamers, Gioia was one of the major forces behind THQ. She worked at the-then small GBA software maker into a heavyweight in the industry through strong children’s licenses from Nickeolodeon. She also helped form partnerships between THQ and Nickelodeon that saw games like Tak and the Power of JuJu make it over to TV land and vice versa.

Now, she is working at Capcom to ensure that the company’s franchises turn into strong Hollywood properties, but unlike others, her focus is to involve the creators of the games themselves in the creation of the movies.

“For the near-term, I’m going to look at the game engines that Capcom has and the capabilities internally at the studios and presumably see if there are things we can take advantage of with properties that might do well with recognizable characters or story lines associated with existing game engines,” Gioia said. “But that always doesn’t work, so it might be a while before certain licensed properties that have been developed from the ground up are out in the marketplace.”

The publisher recently announced a new Street Fighter movie based on Chun-li, a skimpily clothed Asian fighter from the game. Capcom has also licensed Onimusha, Devil May Cry and other franchises for movie development.

Another Street Fighter Movie Coming

According to Variety, the ever-popular fighting series Street fighter is getting another movie. Capcom and Hyde Park Entertainment have teamed up to produce the film in a joint venture, which will see the story focusing on Chun Li, the game’s most popular (and skimpy) female fighter; exact story details are still under wraps, though. As per the article, the film is being targeted for a 2008 release, just in time for the series’ 20th anniversary.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Announced

Street Fighter fans wanting to complete their collection can now look forward to Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the PS2. Featuring direct conversions of Street Fighter Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 2 Gold and Alpha 3, along with Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix as an added bonus, the compilation title will be released this June.

All titles in the collection feature three core gameplay options. Arcade mode pits competitors against a series of CPU controlled opponents in order to beat the game. Versus mode allows two players to choose among the cast of characters for intense head-to-head battles. Fighters can practice special moves and combosto hone their skills in the training mode. Additionally, all four Alpha titles feature survival mode as well as a dramatic battle mode which allows 2-on-1 tag team matches.

Street Fighter Alpha brings together a cast of 13 characters from the collective Street Fighter universe. The series’ inaugural title introduces super combos and alpha counters to add a new dimension to fighting. Street Fighter Alpha 2 ups the ante with 18 fighters and several new options including high and low Alpha countersas well as more moves and combos for each character. In addition, the second title launches the Custom Combo system which lets players use up a super meter to perform devastating multi-hit combos. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold is an enhanced version of the previous game featuring different versions of some of the characters. The most robust entry, Street Fighter Alpha 3, includes an unprecedented 25 characters and offers players the choice of three “isms” fighting styles made popular in previous Street Fighter games. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix rounds out the anthology with miniature versions of popular Capcom fighters in fierce battles. Combatants vie to collect power-up gems as they perform an array of special attacks and powerful combos.