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Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter II Heading for Wii

Since holiday gifts are all the rage these days, here are Nintendo’s: new retro games on Wii Shop Channel on December 25. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like much, but how about the list of games themselves: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (SNES), Super Castlevania IV (SNES), Toe Jam & Earl (Sega Genesis) and R-TYPE (TurboGrafx16). All these games will be on sale for 800 points, excluding the company’s “special holiday surprise” – Super Mario Bros. (NES) for 500 points.

While recovering from a hangover on January 1, 2007, users will be treated to Baseball and Urban Champion, both NES games, going for 500 points each.

Street Fighter II Fastest Selling XBLA Title

It comes as no surprise that Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting is the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title. Capcom didn’t reveal any specific numbers, but it did state that the title saw a “phenomenal record of downloads” since it debuted on Xbox Live on August 2.