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Get Warhawk free with Starhawk online pass

Sony has revealed that you get Warhawk free with the Starhawk online network pass. This classic PSOne game was released in 1995, and now works with the latest PS3 exclusive.

All you have to do is redeem the pass found on the back of the Starhawk manual. The game will then pop up on your download list.

Starhawk released today–MLG tournament announced, all map packs to be free

Starhawk is out today in North America exclusively on the PS3. Sony and developer Lightbox Interactive took the chance to announce a Major League Gaming tournament with $20,000 in prizes. You will find more details on MLG’s website.

They also announced that all map packs for the game will be free upon release. In fact, they noted that the first one is already in the works. The PlayStation Blog notes that there will also be paid DLC.

Finally, here’s a launch trailer. The game is due out in Europe on Friday.