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New WiiWare Additions

With the WiiWare service up and running, Nintendo today added two new original games to the service along with a lonely retro game to Wii’s Shop Channel.

Priced at 1000 Wii points, Konami’s Critter Round-up has players trying to herd farm animals and keep them from escaping (or whatever it is they are trying to do) from the player’s grasp. The second title is the latest entry in the popular top-down shooting series – Star Soldier R. Released by Hudson Soft, the game has players test their skills in 2 or 5 minute increments. It can be bought for 800 Wii points.

This week’s lonely retro release is Namco’s Skykid. Purchasable for 500 Wii points, the NES game has players enjoying the rivalry between Red Baron and Blue Max as they drop bombs on one another.