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Resistance 3 gets beautiful, arty cover art

5730031449_fdaa6a6133_bThey sure are taking a different approach with Resistance 3. Sony has unveiled the box art for the upcoming shooter, revealing it to be an arty take on a genre that is built upon the image of burly men shooting things. This isn’t your “rendered hero” box art, as they cheekily note, stating that it was created by Olly Moss, a British artist, who worked with the studio to come up with the cover.

A few other alternate takes are offered, with the emphasis being on the Chimera skull. You can view them all here, and if you like them, check out Moss’s other work.

Sony also announced that a Resistance 3 demo is coming out on June 14 in Blu-ray copies of Battle: Los Angeles.

Europeans get special inFamous 2 bundles

To celebrate the release of inFamous 2 in a couple of weeks, Sony has announced a couple of special bundles. The first is the PS3 bundle, which sees the game coupled with a standard 320GB console and DualShock 3 controller.

They will also release two exclusive wireless controller bundles for people on both sides of the moral fence. The “good” side gets the ‘cosmic blue’ controller, while those lacking their moral compass can go for the “evil” bundle which is ‘crimson red’.

There are also various editions of the game. The Special Edition comes with extra digital content, including the Electrocution Grenade power, Golden Amp and the Cole MacGrath skin from the first game. Meanwhile, the Hero Edition is bundled with even more digital content, as well as a figurine of the electrifying hero and a comic from DC Comics, as well as a messenger bag and the soundtrack.

You can check out images of all the editions on Eurogamer. The game is due out in Europe on June 8 and in UK, Germany and Ireland on June 10.

Sony: We’re not thinking about PS4 yet

280756043_ac40e7be4aPrevious generations had only lasted about five years each – the PS1 launched in 1994, PS2 in 2000 and the PS3 in 2006. Naturally it is time for the PS4, right? Wrong, says Sony, who is sticking to its 10-year plan for the PS3.

Head honcho Kaz Hirai, speaking to PC Watch, noted that the PS3 is nowhere near the end of its lifecycle. "We’re not even at the halfway point," he said. "Every year, we reveal and release new features.”

The company recently announced the NGP, the successor to the PSP. With the PS3 and NGP showing so much potential, Sony is "not deliberating on a PS4 or a next generation machine", insisted Hirai.

It makes a lot of sense financially. The PS3 has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. It would be a shame if a new console were to come and steal that thunder. The PSP, however, badly needed a major boost, hence the NGP.

What's next for Kevin Butler? More trash talking!

Kevin Butler

Sony struck gold with its Kevin Butler advertising campaign that has proven to be popular with everyone. Butler’s first appearance, if you didn’t know, was in a commercial for Sony’s MLB The Show that featured Red Sox player Dustin Pedroia as well.

So, what’s next in Butler’s plans for world domination? IndustryGamers has the answer from Scott McCarthy, brand manager for PlayStation software.

“We have all the baseball gamers on PS3… as far as market share we can’t target more baseball gamers, so we have to target sports gamers in general. And so with that in mind and using the Joe Mauer/Kevin Butler ‘Well Played’ [vibe] that we got last year, we wanted to expand on that just as we’ve expanded on PS3 in general with the ‘It Only Does Everything’ campaign. What that led us to in the spot was Joe and Kevin sitting down on the couch together really smack talking back and forth with each other, continuing that ‘bromance’ that started last year,” McCarthy revealed.

McCarthy added that the trash talking theme will be online next week with a series of videos featuring Kevin Butler. “Because The Show is on such a higher level this year, you have to increase your trash talk to get the most out of the game,” he said. “…[At] least that’s what Kevin thinks.”

Can’t wait for those ads to air!

Sony boss explains why they ditched XMB for NGP

Sony NGP

Sony has dropped its precious XMB user interface from the NGP in favor of a simplified interface so that touch screen controls could be added. They believe it will make the device “very social network orientated”.

SCE worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed this while speaking to Edge. He noted it as the key reason behind the company leaving XMB behind.

As for the “social networking” factor, he said that the company wanted the potential for friends to join in and interact at any given moment.

“To do so, we thought it was important to let users keep track of their game even when they weren’t playing it – with the LiveArea, for example,” he stated.

The NGP is Sony’s second attempt at handheld domination. It is due out later this year. No price has been given yet.

Patapon 3 demo coming this Tuesday


You’ll be moving with the rhythm this coming Tuesday as the demo for Patapon 3 will hit PlayStation Network. And to make things even better, PlayStation Blog notes that it will be a multiplayer demo – a sampling of Internet multiplayer will be included.

Thankfully, you won’t need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to download this. Clear some space on your memory stick for this piece of gold.

Sony: PlayStation Home is profitable and has a “very good business model”


Speaking to Gama, PlayStation Home boss Jack Buser said that the online service has been a “very good business model… and quite profitable.”

“With numbers like we have, it goes without saying that Home has been a huge success for our company, something that we have been very proud of,” he added.

The service was launched at the end of 2008 and now has over 100 games as well as 50 virtual Home spaces. Also, each Home user spends at least 70 minutes per session. Hard to believe, so we’ll have to take his word for it.

PlayStation Home has had 14 million users since launch. Incredible.

Sega-Sony’s secret love affair revealed to world

From the juicy-leaks-department comes a story of Sega and Sony’s secret love affair that is so scandalous that it might shock your pants off! Well, not exactly, but it’s still pretty cool. The accidental publication of a confidential talk between the two parties revealed a lot of things, the most important of which is the fact that downloadable PS2 games are coming to PS3.

Apparently, SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on the PlayStation Network. The company is also considering hosting a special Japanese import section that will offer up rare games from the region that the West is yet to experience. There is also talk of Dreamcast games coming to PSN, with Sega noting that it might be “exclusive” to PSN, though they didn’t rule out the possibility of appearing on Xbox Live.

Moving on, the document also reveals that Sony’s motion controller may be released during spring 2010, with a March launch in Japan; no pricing was given. Sega has expressed its interest in the controller, noting that it will offer titles for the platform.

The two companies also discussed the possibility of games heading to PlayStation Home, including the AvP and Iron Man franchises. There is also a Thor game-movie tie-in in the works that Sony wants to take a look at.

The two lovebirds talk more interesting stuff that you’d surely love to eavesdrop on. Hit the jump link and have fun!

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First God of War 3 Screenshots

The very first screenshots for God of War 3 have been released, showing off Kratos, the enemies and some of the environments. Looks damn good!

The PS3-exclusive title does not have a release date now, though it is believed that it will burst into stores late this year. You can view the new “Epic Scale” trailer here.

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