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EverQuest 2 Shadow Odyssey Launched

Sony’s long-running and way past its prime MMORPG EverQuest 2’s latest expansion The Shadow Odyssey is scheduled to launch worldwide today. It is the fifth expansion for the franchise and will add even more content to the game. A compilation pack for gamers is now available via retail stores and digital download for $39.99.

“The storyline of The Shadow Odyssey allows players to explore uncharted regions in the virtual world of Norrath while experiencing nostalgic areas made famous in the original EverQuest almost 10 years ago,” said Bruce Ferguson, senior producer, Sony Online Entertainment. “This expansion comes on the heels of the highest selling expansion to date, Rise of Kunark, and the incredibly successful Living Legacy program, which ran over the summer months and attracted large numbers of new and returning players who are ready for exciting new adventures.”

The add-on adds more than 20 new zones, nostalgic EverQuest dungeon themes and increases the Achievement Point level cap to 200. It also adds a new Dungeon Delving mission system and five new Heritage Quests with unique rewards. Two new deities and more have added as well.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Release Date

SOE and Flying Lab Software send word that Pirates of the Burning Sea will be released worldwide on January 22, 2008. The highly anticipated MMO features action on the seas and sets players in a world of pirates and plunder.

Pre-orders for the game will begin on October 23. Those who pre-order will receive an invitation to access the game 15 days prior to launch. During this time, players can level up to 20 and keep their characters after launch, with a purchase of the game and paid monthly subscription. Pre-orderers will also receive a blue or yellow parrot, as well as a powerful weapon and an original game soundtrack CD complete with 60 minutes of pirate-themed music.

EverQuest 2 Update #38 Released

Those who still play EverQuest 2 will be delighted to know that the MMORPG has received a thirty-eighth update, which offers new options and enhances gameplay. Here’s the deal:

Customize your Appearance in new ways!
Upon reaching level 20, you’ll be able to access new appearance item slots on the inventory window! Have favorite pieces that are an important part of your style? You can now keep wearing them for looks while continuing to upgrade your primary gear!

The Gods must be crazy…Bristlebane Returns!
Calling all practical jokers, jesters and masters of mischief, the godly Grand Prankster, Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane has returned to Norrath! What sort of mischievous plans does the Royal Trickster have in store for his faithful followers? Those interested in devoting themselves to this sultan of silly should speak with Tobel Patadash, the self-declared Prophet of Bristlebane at the docks of The Enchanted Lands.

Get some rest in Unrest!
Like Estate of Unrest, but just don’t have the time? Well now you can get both rest and Unrest, as the Estate of Unrest is now persistent! Your raid force can now clear part of the instance, leave, and then come back later to pick up where you left off. There is no longer a “failure” timer, but you will be locked to an instance for 5 days once you kill any mob. You can reset your timer after 5 days and enter a different instance, or you can choose to continue in the same instance for up to 9 days total.

Also in GU 38:

  • Dual Wield Changes: To allow for a better selection of weapons for all classes, the Dual Wield designation on weaponry has been removed, and they’ve become full One-Handed weapons, giving more choice to everyone. One-Handed weapons can now be dual wielded by classes who have that ability.
  • Gameplay: Glory awaits those who wish to explore the presence of mysterious Iksar within our waters. What lies beyond the horizon? Join up with Admiral Marc Grenich in Qeynos Harbor and recruiter Livia Montelius in Freeport East to see!

SOE to Reveal New Game at Fan Faire Event

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Jon Smedley will open this week’s SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas with a “community address” on Friday at 8.30pm EDT. In it he will be showing off the games that will be on display at the event, including a completely new SOE online game, which is set to launch later this month. Scoop:

To kickoff the 2007 SOE Fan Faire, SOE President John (“Smed”) Smedley will provide opening remarks to the more than 1000 video game fans coming to the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for this year’s Fan Faire video game convention. This first-ever “Community Address” combines a live presentation with a streaming video broadcast online, where Smed will give both Fan Faire attendees and other gamers the kind of look at SOE products usually reserved for industry events such as E3. Both audiences will see the latest from upcoming titles like Pirates of the Burning Sea™ and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising™. Fan Faire guests and online viewers will also get their first looks at Secrets of Faydwer™, the next expansion for EverQuest®, and Rise of Kunark™, the upcoming expansion for EverQuest® II.

In another first for Fan Faire, Smed will also unveil an all-new, SOE online game, which is set to formally launch in late August. Fan Faire guests will have the first chance to demo this new title throughout Fan Faire weekend, August 3-5. The SOE Fan Faire is a unique social event in which players of SOE’s most popular titles congregate to meet their online, game-playing peers. This year’s event boasts a plethora of game-themed live events including tournaments, contests, live quests, a variety of panel discussions and tons of great gaming related contests.

GripShift Update Released

Free upgrades for the North American version of GripShift have been released, making it significantly easier and faster for players to get around the game. Additional improvements have also been made to the leaderboards; gamers will also experience faster loading times.

Other feature enhancements include the ability to change the vehicle without exiting a game session, change controls, change current music track, as well as access the full “level select” menu from the in-game pause menu.

The game is available from the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

Tell Your Friends to Take the Red Pill

SOE sends word that it has launched a Buddy Rewards Program for The Matrix Online, offering incentives for current players to get their friends to take the red pill. Current subscribers can refer players to the game, giving them a 14-day trial without entering any credit card information. If the invitee still wishes to continue, he can enter his billing information and continue with the game.

This program will run from July 25 through August 31, 2007.

GripShift shifts to PS3

Having already released the game for PSP, Sidhe Interactive‘s GripShift will be shifting its way to the PS3 via the PlayStation Network. To be available early next month, the game will be ‘remixed’ for the console and will feature 720p support, enhanced HD graphics, refined gameplay and four player online multiplayer; it will cost $10.

GripShift consists 125+ new and remixed levels, 25 race tracks and will feature an enhanced soundtrack for the PS3. Below are high-resolution screenshots:

gripshiftdlx_03.jpg gripshiftdlx_19.jpg

gripshiftdlx_01.jpg gripshiftdlx_02.jpg