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UT3 to Run at 60FPS, Gets Sixaxis Controls

During their presentation at the Leipzig Games Convention, Epic Games revealed that the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 looks “closer to the PC version” and will run at 60 frames per second. They also reconfirmed mouse and keyboard support.

Additionally, they showed off the PS3 version’s Sixaxis controls. Here’s a quote: “The Redeemer is controlled in camera mode by tilting the PS3 pad from side to side. The fanciful hover board, is controlled using the tilt capabilities of the PS3. As you tilt the controller and twist the pad, you will perform many spins and other amazing moves.”

Epic Games stated that they are currently working on getting the PS3 and PC version out before Christmas, while the Xbox 360 versions is expected sometime next year.

Tony Hawk Goes Sixaxis

Following the revelation of the Sixaxis PS3 controller at E3 2006, Neversoft is one of the first developers to announce support for the motion-sensing gamepad with Tony Hawk’s Project 8. The game will let players be able to balance and steer skaters through every move, as well as control slow motion to the nail the trick moves.

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 will be available for the PS3, alongside other platforms, when the console launches on November 17. It will retail for $60.

Sixaxis, Remote, Memory Card Reader Priced

PS3 Bluray RemoteAn announcement on Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japanese site reveals the official name of the PS3 controller: Sixaxis. The company has officially dropped the DualShock name that has been used since the original PlayStation, with the new name referring to the controller’s six axes of motion control supported through sensors. Sixaxis will retail for 5000 yen (approx. $45 US).

Sony also officially revealed the memory card reader for the PS3; this will allow players to transfer their save games from the PS2 to the new console. It will retail for 1500 yen (approx. $15 US). The company also showed off the PS3 Blu-ray remote, which basically looks like the PS2’s DVD remote in design. The remote will retail for 3600 yen (approx. $30 US).

No prices for other territories were disclosed.