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Sins of a Solar Empire Expansion Delayed to February 25

Publisher Stardock has finally given a solid release date for the first expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire: due to incorporation of beta feedback, the oft-delayed title can now be expected on February 25.

"The additional time will allow for Ironclad’s development team to incorporate feedback to date and allow for another round of beta testing," said a company representative.

Dubbed “Entrenchment”, the add-on is currently available for pre-order on Impulse for $9.95.

Sins of a Solar Empire Updated to v1.1

A v1.1 patch for Sins of a Solar Empire is now live after an extended beta testing period. The new version includes several enhancements, including network improvements, upgrades to graphics performance, improved graphics, mini-underground window, balance tweaks, AI fixes, and more.

This change log outlines all the changes made through the update. It can be downloaded through Stardock’s Impulse platform.