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Metal Slug Anthology to Include Metal Slug 6

Ignition Entertainment has announced that the Metal Slug Anthology for the PSP will also include the previously unreleased (outside of Japan) Metal Slug 6, increasing the total number of games in the Anthology to seven.

The Anthology features arcade perfect conversions of Metal Slug 1-5, Metal Slug X, as well as Metal Slug 6; two player co-op play via wireless multiplayer; full support for the portable’s wide-screen format; unlockable items; bonus galleries containing classic poster and character art; and more.

Metal Slug Anthology is crawling its way to slime up store shelves this Winter.

Lexicon Scores Chronos Twins

Lexicon Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the worldwide rights to Chronos Twins for DS; the company previously scored a deal for American McGee’s Bad Day LA. The company is also in final discussions for another four DS titles.

Chronos Twins, scheduled for a Q1 2007 release, plays on the concept of time travel. Here’s what players will get into: “To successfully complete levels, players will maneuver through an area and work within the limitations of each time period in a side-scrolling environment. The goal is to control both the present-time hero while exploring the planet to defeat alien threats. Both time periods are fully visible through a split-screen engine that displays the past and present versions of the exact same location.”