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Mexicans want Call of Juarez sequel banned

ALeqM5gg9MG7u4vbknXlit2L-q8UVQE-zwAh, Mexico, the land of cheap booze, sleazy clubs and drug cartels! Officials of Ciudad Juarez, the location of upcoming shooter sequel Call of Juarez: The Cartel, are angry that they are the subject of a video game and want it banned.

The city is one of worst affected by drug cartels, having seen about 6000 people die in the last two years. Congressmen of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located, are fighting to get the federal Interior Department to ban the game. They believe that children could be affected by exposure to the game, noting that “they [the children] are going to grow up with this kind of image and lack of values.”

Call of Juarez: The Cartel is due out this summer for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Bulletstorm PC demo in the works, coming next month

PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers have impaled, kicked, shot and generally had a fun time for a month in the Bulletstorm demo while PC gamers were moping in the corner. Thankfully, Epic Games has announced a cure: there’s a PC demo in the works!

Company co-founder Mark Rein announced through Twitter that despite it being made, the demo won’t ship until after the full game is released today.

The PC demo will feature the same content as the console version that offered a glimpse of the single-player campaign.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is offering a special deal for those who get the Epic Edition of the game: you can get Gears of War Triple Pack for an extra $5 only. The pack includes the two installments in the series and a token to download the additional DLC.

Duke Nukem Coming to Handhelds, Live-action Duke Searched for

Make way for awesomeness on handhelds, as Apogee Software today announced that Critical Mass, the first entry in the new Duke Nukem trilogy, will arrive on DS and PSP this September.

Developed by Frontline Studios, the action game takes place in the future, while the latter two are respectively set in the modern day and during World War II.

The company additionally announced that it is kicking off a talent search for the “next live-action Duke Nukem actor.” Applicants will be judged on “how well they personify the character’s take-no-prisoners attitude.”

Auditions will be held in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. Submissions are also being accepted in DVD, tape or Quicktime form, so if you don’t live in those areas, you can still apply.

Biology Battle – Xbox Live Community Games Launch Title

Now that the New Xbox Experience has launched, Novaleaf Game Studio sends word that they will officially release Biology Battle as a launch title of Xbox Live Community Games today.

One of the many titles built by users themselves, Biology Battle is an unique take on the classic space shooter genre, having players take control of medical nano-bots during its mission inside of its target cell. It includes 360 degree movement and firing and offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The studio notes that it was created using XNA in Bangkok, Thailand, completed by “4.5 developers in 11 months.”

Wing Commander Arena on XBLA

EA today revealed that Wing Commander Arena, a 2D space shooter from Gaia Industries, will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. It is a spin-off of the original Wing Commander franchise and will offer eight maps supporting three styles of play: team, free for all, and dueling. There will also be a single-player mode.

Wing Commander Arena will be sold at 800 Microsoft points.

Star Assault Announced

Sending out a highly humorous press release, Kalypso Media today announced Star Assault, a space shooter for the PC. Here’s the deal:

When humankind took to the stars to search out new energy sources, rapid successes brought huge rewards in the advancement of travel, exploration and colonisation. Some thought they had taken it too far, they were right. In 2253 the human pioneers found themselves under brutal attack from the vicious alien race dubbed the Sparks. Cut off from Earth due to the destruction of their warp gate, their only route back, the intrepid explorers now must battle for their very survival, and maybe even a way home.

A rich story-based campaign offers players the chance to pilot a star fighter and accomplish the death-defying missions against the Sparks. From humble beginnings in a small ship, players can work their way through the ranks, improve their skills and eventually command wingmen in battle. Complex opponent A.I. ensures you won’t be mastering any predetermined attack patterns, while real-time space jumps make getting from A to B just that bit faster.

Between missions, upgrading one’s fly machine is essential to avoid an early union with the great beyond. Shields, reactors and propulsion can be adjusted and replaced in order to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Weapons vary from lasers and rail guns to heat seekers and rockets to give you all the firepower you could possibly need to see off your grizzly foe. Star Assault will offer galactic battles to warm the hearts of any sci-fi shooter fan, and not an angry Colin Farrell in sight.

The game is set for release this September; it will retail for £20.

New C-S and DoD Maps

Posted before the weekend, but unnoticed somehow, is a Steam update that hypes the newly released SiN: Emergence game as well as the upcoming first Episode for Half-Life 2. The update also discusses maps for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat Source, stating that new maps for the multiplayer shooters will be released soon:

Counter-Strike: Source has more HDR-enabled versions of maps on the way, along with some enhancements to the game itself. Day of Defeat: Source is getting ready for a significant release that will add a number of new features, along with a new map named Colmar. Colmar is the first map to take advantage of a new objective system that allows us to build different kinds of levels than currently exist. Stay tuned for specifics on how the map plays out, but for now here’s a screenshot of the sleepy night-time village.

Below are the mentioned screenshots:

Lumines II, Lumines Plus Announced

From BVG comes word that it has entered an agreement with Q Entertainment to pubish four new titles in all regions except Asia.

The first title is the highly anticipated sequel to Lumines for the PSP, along with Lumines Plus, a new version of the original title for the PS2. Every Extend Extra, a puzzle shooter game for the PSP and Meteos: Disney Edition, another action puzzle game featuring Disney characters, for the DS round out the announcement.

No other details were announced, except that all the above titles are set for release this Fall.

Rage Hard Unveiled

The Rage Hard website is online, unveiling an upcoming multiplayer tactical shooter scheduled for release during Q4 2006. As well as offering screenshots and a gameplay movie, the site offers this blurb on the game:

DNS & Titan Computer proudly present their new multiplayer shooter “Rage Hard.” “Rage Hard” is a tactical shooter, which is set in a not so distance future where criminal syndicates and drug lords rule the world. The player has the opportunity to choose a wide range of very different characters, he can play has “criminal” or as “good guy” his choice directly affects the kind of orders he has to fulfill during the multiplayer matches. “Rage Hard” offers a large variety of different locations such as Riot City, Gold Rush or Auqa Park a level which is set in a high-tech underwater research station. The player will be faced with different orders e.g. guarding a drug lord or stealing of top secret research documents out of the AuqaPark laboratories.