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My Second Life on HBO

Showing the influence of virtual words on the real one, Reuters reports that HBO has bought the rights to a documentary shot entirely within Second Life, paying a six-figure sum to the author.

Set to be shown during 2008, the documentary tells the story of Douglas Gayeton and his Second Life avatar Molotov Alta who “disappeared from his California home” and began issuing video diaries from within the game.

There will be a total of 7 mini-episodes of “My Second Life” that explores a different subsculture within the virtual world, according to HBO. This ranges from cyberpunks to neo-luddites to sex slaves to king of the hobos. Those interested can check out the pilot episode on Youtube.

Get a First Life


Tired of your Second Life? Want to see what all the hype about First life is? Well, you’re already in it, bub, and it ain’t getting better than this. A perfectly made parody site of the highly popular MMOG Second Life has made its mark on the web, and it’s damn awesome. Just to show how awesome it is, I’m going to quote a bit from its Teen First Life:

“I like totally tried to get into First Life and those dudes were like, sorry man, you’re totally not old enough. I was like, WTF! Then I found out about Teen FL, and everything’s cool now.” –Aaron, 15

America’s teens, your First Life dream world awaits. Hang out at the mall! Embarass yourself in gym class! Get acne! Experiment with mind-altering recreational drugs! The First Life world is your oyster.

To check out what the fuss is all about, get a First Life.