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Superman, Scorpion Renders from MK vs DC Universe

The idea of Superman squaring off against Mortal Kombat characters feels quite weird. Anyways, here are two renders of Superman and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the upcoming crossover fighting title from Midway. Also included below are concept art of Hell and Metropolis as they will be in the game.



Scorpion Site Live

A newly-born website for Showdown: Scorpion has been launched, providing updates on the game’s development as well as media, details and more. There is also a blog and community forums.

In development at B-Cool Interactive, this futuristic shooter will be released during Q1 2008 by Akella.

Scorpion Update

Akella sent out a development update on Scorpion, an upcoming FPS from B-Cool Interactive, which was last shown at E3 2006. As per the update, the game’s graphical engine CoolEngine is almost finished and is now going through minor bug-fixing. They also note that the AI system has also been completed and that the design team is working intensively on general playability, with weapon balance and overall game difficulty being their main target. Most of the graphic assets and locations have also been completed; their artists are currently working on creating additional visual effects, as well as briefings movies and cut-scenes.

More information on the cyber-punk styled action game can be found after the jump.
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