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Tomb Raider: Underworld Delayed

This report reveals that SCi Entertainment, owner of publisher Eidos Interactive, is taking a loss in the operating fiscal 2008 year. It also discloses that the company does not think it can sell itself for its full value and is thus not holding any talks with potential suitors. However, the bigger news is that the company has pushed back the unannounced Tomb Raider game to this Holiday season

“By moving the release dates — including the new ‘Tomb Raider: Underworld’ game — into the more lucrative 2008 Christmas trading period the company said it would better optimize long term value,” reads the report. Tomb Raider: Underworld is expected to be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Not much is known about the game, but more information is expected soon.

SCi, Eidos in Takeover Talks

Gamespot reports that SCi Games might be in talks to sell itself to an “unnamed company”. However, it seems their talks of a takeover bid are at an “extremely preliminary” stage, noting that there is no guarantee that it might go forward.

The current owner of Eidos Interactive – publisher of many popular franchises like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Championship Manager – SCi Games is speculated to be in talks with EA Games or even Warner Bros. Entertainment. The latter, in fact, bought 10% of the company’s shares back in December and awarded Eidos the rights to make games based on many of its properties including The OC and The Flintstones.

As per the report, the company is set to make an announcement in due course.

New Tomb Raider Game In the Works

Quoting SCi Entertainment CEO Jane Cavanagh, Tomb Raider Chronicles reports that Crystal Dynamics is hard at work on a new Tomb Raider game set for release in 2008. Responsible for the fabulously fantastic Tomb Raider: Legend, Crystal Dynamics is working on “new versions of Tomb Raider (including a PS3 version);” it is also working on a completely new franchise.

Can’t wait till 2008 for more Lara Croft goodness? SCi is set to release a special Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition game in the second half of its 2007 financial year. It is also going to release Tomb Raider: Legend on Gamecube, DS and GBA.