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BioShock Infinite sold much better than its predecessors, Take-Two still in the red

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In what can only be considered to be not-a-surprise, Take-Two has announced that BioShock Infinite has sold significantly more copies in its first month than its predecessors in the series. In fact, more than 3.7 million copies of the excellent game has been shipped around the world, and there has apparently been “solid demand” for the game’s Season Pass, though no one really knows what DLC they’re going to get.

The publisher, however, isn’t doing so well. Despite having such big successes as BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, and NBA 2K13, the company finished the year with a net loss of $29.49 million. Interestingly, it’s better than last year, which saw a $108.82 million deficit.

As for its other successes, Borderlands 2 has shipped 6 million copies since its release, which puts it on track to be the publisher’s best-selling title; NBA 2K13 has shipped 5 million copies. No figures were revealed for Max Payne 3 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, though both of them were critically acclaimed at release.

The publisher is looking to bank on the launch of GTA 5, which is due out later this year. It’s quite sad that Take-Two is still in the red despite having released so many good games. As a matter of fact, I’ve put countless hours into these games, as have many others, yet I don’t understand how such a publisher can still make a loss.

Portal 2 sells four million copies

poster_P2Speaking to NeoGamr, Valve revealed that over four million units of Portal 2 have been sold worldwide across PC, Mac and consoles. The original had also managed to shift similar figures, notwithstanding Steam sales which should push it to higher figures.

Available now is the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC for PC and Mac versions of the game. It adds a level editor with full Steam Workshop integration. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a console release.

Age of Conan Collector's Edition Sold Out, DX10 Version Delayed

Noting how successful the game is, Funcom sent out word that the Collector’s Edition of Age of Conan is now completely sold out throughout the world. In fact, in some regions the edition has been sold out for weeks. Additional boxes were made to meet demands, but they were sold out as well.

In addition, Funcom mentions that sales of the standard edition are also impressive, stating that they have shipped around 700,000 copies of the game on day one. As a result of massive interest in the game, the company has ordered additional servers to accommodate the extra players.

“Everyone in Funcom is delighted and humbled with the historical pre-order numbers for Age of Conan. If the information we have is correct, they represent the highest pre-order number for any global launch of an original PC game, ever, including the original World of Warcraft launch,” said Morten Larssen, Funcom’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

However, on the development side there’s a small hitch. The company was forced to ship only the DirectX 9 version of the game, noting that the DirectX 10 version will be released later this year. They believe that the DX10 client wasn’t up to snuff and is taking extra time with it. This is good news for gamers as Funcom has mentioned that it will include even more features in the DX10 version than originally planned.

The DX10 version will premiere at the Leipzig Games Convention this August; it will also be shown off at the NVISION event in California in the same month.

Wii Sells Million in UK, Breaks Record

Nintendo has announced that over one million units of the Wii have been sold in the UK, making it the fastest selling home console in the region. It crossed the milestone in just 38 weeks, some 11 weeks faster than the PS2 which took 50 weeks, as well as the Xbox 360 which took 60 weeks to reach the major milestone.

David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK commented, “The non-stop demand for Wii even in the traditionally slow sales periods for video games in the UK is clearly behind this record breaking achievement. The performance of both systems appears to indicate that unprecedented interactive entertainment experiences, provided by a combination of the revolutionary nature of DS and Wii with the increasing number of unique software titles for the system from Nintendo and third parties, are being enjoyed by both avid and new gamers of all ages.”

The Wii is sold in the country for £179 and is part of the company’s Touch Generations campaign.

Ubi's Sales Beat Expectations

GI.biz reports that Ubisoft’s sales for the first quarter of 2007-08 have gone up 90.5 percent from the same period last year and has raked in 134 million Euro sales, exceeding the forecast of approximately 120 million Euros.

“Ubisoft has made a solid start to the year, and continued to win market share,” said CEO Yves Guillemot. “Momentum was particularly strong during the period for European sales, which climbed 109 per cent thanks to the ramp-up of new-generation consoles and the impact of PS3 game sales, including Rainbow Six Vegas and Oblivion.”

The company hopes to keep sales stable for the second quarter. Ubi has two huge games coming in the fourth quarter – Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.

Top Game Franchises in America

Chart Showing Top Games Franchises in AmericaBy way of the Gaming Age forums comes the chart on the right which shows the top-selling franchises in North America. Ever.

The list, based on NPD data, shows Mario at the top of the chart, followed by Madden and then GTA. Star Wars, Halo and Spiderman round out the top ten, with movie-based licenses taking their places in teens.

It is to be noted that the figures do not include PC numbers. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been fair – Sims would be on top!