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Little Girl Killed by Idiot Teenagers with Mortal Kombat Moves

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but when it involves the murder of a little girl, it’s gotten way out of hand. Two teenagers from Colorado have been arrested after killing a seven-year-old girl on whom they practiced moves from the Mortal Kombat fighting franchise.

The two teens were supposed to be babysitting little Garcia, on December 6, when they seized the opportunity to drink alcohol and immitate Mortal Kombat moves on the child.

Trujillo, according to released documents, admitted she’d “punched her in the stomach, karate chopped her lower arms, punched and pinched the victim’s thighs, kicked her in the shins, slapped her stomach and buttocks and poked at the victim’s chest.”

Witnesses say Roberts performed a back kick on Garcia, from which she did not get up. He then cracked an egg in her mouth, apparently to check if she was faking unconsciousness.

When Garcia regained consciousness Trujillo sent her to bed, according to the documents, but she stopped breathing 15 minutes later.

They reportedly tried to revive Garcia, but she later died in hospital. The autopsy showed she had suffered a broken wrist, bleeding in the neck, swelling of the brain and more than 20 bruises.

The teens are being held and will face trial for child abuse causing death, which could mean up to 48 years of imprisonment.

Brother Stabs Brother For Controller

In an odd case of violence related to video games, a 13-year-old boy stabbed his brother with a steak knife after the 16-year-old refused to turn over the controller (thanks Jeremy Steele). The older brother died of a single fatal stab wound to the chest; his brother Jahmir Ricks was charged with first-degree murder.

When police arrived, Jahmir simply told them, “I just stabbed my brother.” He is being held without bail and faces charges of third-degree murder, assault and other crimes. Apparently, police believe this was a result of a rule in the house: “hand over the controller when you lose” which the older brother wasn’t following.