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Sacred 2 Collector’s Edition Details

With the release of the game looming in North America, CDV has announced a limited collector’s edition for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, its upcoming action-RPG.

The collector’s edition is now available for pre-order exclusively through Amazon for US gamers, and on Amazon Canada, Future Shop and EB Games Canada for Canadian gamers.

Alongside the ubiquitous special packaging, it will include an extra DVD containing the “Elite Texture Pack”, a set of ultra-high resolution textures for users of high-end computers; a code to unlock the Carrier Imp, a special pet; a four-song music sampler from Nuclear Blast Records; a printed map of the game’s world and an electronic version of the game’s “Art and Vision” booklet.

The PC version is due out today, with console versions due out February 17, 2009.

Blind Guardian in Sacred 2

German metal outfit Blind Guardin has announced that it is composing a special song for Sacred 2, the upcoming sequel to the action-RPG by Ascaron Entertainment; the band will also make an in-game appearance. The song will be released as a separate single next year, with the music video featuring sequences taken straight from the game itself. Additionally, players can solve a quest in the game, which will unlock a bonus event where the motion-captured band performs their new song “live”.

Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel is the sequel to the most successful German RPG of all time. The game will feature two entirely different ways of playing – the light and shadow campaigns. The official website carries more information and media on the title.

Sacred 2 Gets Release Date

Ascaron Entertainment sends along a fact sheet for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful RPGs ever, revealing that the game will be released during Q1 2008 for PC and Xbox 360.

The official website is up, offering more details and media from the game. Further information can be found after the jump.
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