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Savage 2 for FREE

Coming as nothing but good news for everyone is an announcement from S2 Games who has declared that Savage 2: A Tortured Soul will be available for download via the S2 Games website for FREE. The complimentary version of the game will offer LAN play and against AI/practice mode; gamers who wish to go online must pay $30 for the full version.

Though the free download will not withhold any of the core gameplay elements, there will be certain features that will only be enabled in online play. The main feature that will be missing will be the ability to play against people online — other than those on their LAN. Additionally, for players wishing to build their character and save their overall stats, persistent items and experiences, purchasing an account for $29.99 will be the only way to go, thus allowing them to play the game online with other real players on servers hosted by S2 Games.

Savage 2 Supports Linux

Linux junkies out there can rejoice as S2 Games today sent word that Savage 2 will be supporting the Linux community by offering native support for the OS.

In order to facilitate the use of a Linux Client at launch, the S2 Games team is working diligently to convert their DirectX┬« K2 engine, a next-gen game engine built from the ground up specifically for Savage 2, to that of Linux’s OpenGL system. The conversion is a necessity as the high-end renderer (DirectX) in the new engine is a Microsoft┬« product and does not work with Linux. With help from the Linux community and two of Savage’s top enthusiasts — Uttar and WhiteDwarf — S2 is converting the DirectX renderer, one of the more impressive aspects of the game engine, as the effort will enable Linux gamers to utilize their Linux Client when playing the game.

Savage: The Battle for Newerth will be available this Fall as digital download only.

Savage 2 Pre-orders Get Beta Access

S2 Games will be testing uncharted waters when they release Savage 2: A Tortured Soul only through digital distribution this Fall. The company has announced that all customers who pre-order the game before April 15 will receive instant guaranteed beta approval. The title will retail for $30, an “unusually low” price-point for a “triple-A” game.

It hasn’t been disclosed when the beta will start, though one would expect it to begin soon after April 15. Also, no other goodies were announced for the pre-order deal.

Savage 2 to be Distributed Digitally

Dismissing traditional methods of publishing and distribution in favor of digital distribution is S2 Games, who has announced that Savage 2: A Tortured Soul will be available for purchase this Fall on their website.

Hoping to showcase how an indie developer can create a “triple-A” title at a fraction of the budget of comparative titles, S2 Games has chosen digital distribution. The company has the “luxury” of working within its own timeline and also doesn’t need to answer to anyone – well, that’s what they said. Apparently, Savage 2’s digital distribution will pass on the savings to the consumer in the form of a lower price-point – the game will be available for $30, as opposed to $50, according to S2.

Let’s hope S2 is successful with their digital distribution effort.