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Return to Castle Wolfenstein… Eventually

The Hollywood writer’s strike is taking a toll on TV shows and movies, but thankfully not on videogames. Even then, SCI-FI WIRE reports that the Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie is on hold due to the strike.

Roger Avary (Beowulf, Silent Hill) is the writer of the script behind the film, revealing that he is “almost done” with the script and that he is “proud of it”, but that the production date and the consequent events are currently on hold due to the strike, which he “fully support[s].”

When asked about what the game will be like, he had this to say: “a World War II old movie of guys who are out on a mission, but this one will have the addition of monsters and horror and a lot of craziness all mixed together.”

Silent Hill 2 to be Penned by Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman

Dark Horizons reports that Roger Avary and fantasy author Neil Gaiman will team up to write Silent Hill 2. This comes from an interview with Christophe Gans on DVD Rama, a French site, who states that Avary will work on the project after he completes his work on the Driver script.

Christophe Gans is currently working on a live-action Onimusha adaptation, and as per the article, may or may not work on the Silent Hill sequel.

Update: Neil Gaiman has refuted his relationship with the project through a post in his blog. He states that this is a discredited internet rumor, but does not blow out the possibility of him working on the project if an offer is given.