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Europeans get special inFamous 2 bundles

To celebrate the release of inFamous 2 in a couple of weeks, Sony has announced a couple of special bundles. The first is the PS3 bundle, which sees the game coupled with a standard 320GB console and DualShock 3 controller.

They will also release two exclusive wireless controller bundles for people on both sides of the moral fence. The “good” side gets the ‘cosmic blue’ controller, while those lacking their moral compass can go for the “evil” bundle which is ‘crimson red’.

There are also various editions of the game. The Special Edition comes with extra digital content, including the Electrocution Grenade power, Golden Amp and the Cole MacGrath skin from the first game. Meanwhile, the Hero Edition is bundled with even more digital content, as well as a figurine of the electrifying hero and a comic from DC Comics, as well as a messenger bag and the soundtrack.

You can check out images of all the editions on Eurogamer. The game is due out in Europe on June 8 and in UK, Germany and Ireland on June 10.

UK games prices to rise thanks to government

uk_flagBad news for gamers in the UK – games prices are going to rise in the coming year! This is due to the government increasing the VAT an extra 2.5 percentage points on all retail items, which includes videogames.

Games retailers are in a dilemma as they are reluctant to raise the price of games above the now-standard £39.99 price point. They fear that there will be a consumer outcry if the price is raised.

So, what are they going to do? Nothing’s decided as of yet, but if the retailers are a saint they will be absorbing the extra cost. Otherwise, games prices are going to rise in the land of the Queen.