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Red Orchestra Update Teaser

On the Red Orchestra website is a tease of an upcoming summer update for the WWII FPS. Here’s the deal:

The first “BIG” announcement we have is a massive new map entitled – Krivoi Rog. This map is an all out long range tank slugfest featuring a playable area over 4 kilometers long by 4 kilometers wide and a viewable range of 3000 meters. Set on the plains of the southern Ukraine the level pits the heavily armored Tiger and early war Panzers against the speedy T34/76. The update also features a new tank variant – the Panzer IV G, as well as a new option to manually reload tank main guns, choosing the next round type first before reloading.

Next up we have added several new graphical enhancements to the game. The game now features an all new adaptive bloom system that aside from looking amazing also simulates the effect of the eye adjusting when looking at bright areas. For those of you that experienced a “blurry” effect with the old bloom system (especially at low resolution) you’ll be happy to hear that the all new bloom effect is crystal clear even at low resolutions. And for even more eye candy, Anti-Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering settings are now configurable in-game. Many of the devs and testers have commented that with these new settings RO almost looks like a new game!

Finally, the next update will include many new server admin requested features as well as a string of bug fixes and community requested tweaks. As this is just a teaser we won’t go into all of those just yet, but keep an eye on www.redorchestragame.com for more details coming soon. We will also be looking at opening up some beta testing for the community shortly, so keep a good look-out for news on that!

Red Orchestra Gets Collector's Edition Treatment

The Collector’s Edition craze continues with Tripwire Interactive‘s Red Orchestra, as it is being re-released with a bunch of new features. The re-released WWII FPS will feature two new maps, four new weapons, two new vehicles, a bonus DVD featuring ten of the best maps made by the community, sixteen strategy cards, an official metal dog tag and other content including wallpapers, trailers, artwork and more.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Collector’s Edition will be available soon for $20.

Red Orchestra Booster Pack Available

The previously promised free Booster Pack for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is now available via Steam. A full new map, smoke grenades and other changes mark the features of the Booster Pack.

As a reminder, next week will be host to the Red Orchestra free week, with all players getting the chance to check out the full version of the game, along with the new Booster Pack, from August 2-7.

Red Orchestra Free Trial, Booster Pack

Coming as good news from the Red Orchestra site is word that a free trial for the World War II shooter will be available through Steam from August 2 through August 7. During this time, players can download and play the full version of the game.

For owners of the title, a free Booster Pack will be released soon. No definite release date was provided, but details on the pack are available; it will offer a full new map – Lyes Krovy; a new weapon system (smoke grenades); two new weapons – the German MP41 sub-machine gun and the Soviet M44 rifle; and numerous other changes.

Red Orchestra Content Next Week

Tripwire has announced plans to release free content for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 on July 27 (next Thursday). Scoop:

– Brand new map – “Lyes Krovy”. This is a brutal close-quarters fight for a German trench-and-bunker position in a forest in northern Russia , in the summer of 1944. The Soviet forces get to assault into and through a strongly-fortified position, while the Germans fight hard to hold them off. This one has rapidly become a firm favourite with the test team!

– Brand new weapon system – smoke grenades. We’ve teased about this one on the forums… on some maps, infantry commanders will now have smoke instead of explosive grenades, which can be used to create quick cover for assault routes, or to momentarily blind the defenders. We’re finding that clever use of smoke can change tactical stalemates at a stroke!

– Tank reloading: we’ve listened to the requests and we have changed the tank reloading so that you now choose the next round to load, without having to unload first. Quicker, more realistic, more intuitive.

– Victory conditions changed so round can no longer end in stalemate “No Decisive Victory” situations.

– Multiple fixes, including a fix from Creative Labs for choppy VOIP with EAX, no more players “bouncing” off prone players and no more “telefragging” when players change stance.

The above content will be automatically available through Steam.

Red Orchestra and Euro Force Goes Live

Get your battle grooves on as Steam News carries word that Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, the WW2 FPS, has been released via Valve’s digital distribution service. A dedicated server has also been released; it can be run without purchasing the game.

Also, the Euro Force booster pack for Battlefield 2 is now available for purchase and download via EA’s own digital distribution service.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Shipped

Yet another WWII shooter has been shipped – Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. The boxed copy of the game will be available in stores throughout North America by the end of the week; it will retail for $30.

Red Orchestra takes players to the frontlines of Eastern Europe during the Second World War, offering access to 28 infantry weapons and 14 vehicles on the Russian front from 1941-45.

Gone Gold

March 14 on Steam will see the release of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, the WWII online action game from Tripwire Interactive. The title can currently be pre-ordered and pre-loaded through the service, with those who pre-order getting an instant 10% discount off the retail price.

Meanwhile, Shadow Tor Studios announced that Barrow Hill, its adventure title, has gone gold and is available for pre-order through their site.