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Puddle out today on Xbox Live, PSN on Tuesday

Aching for a physics-based puzzle game? Konami has a treat for you. They have released Puddle, a winner in the 2010 GDC Indie Games Festival, on Xbox Live Arcade. You can grab it for 800 Microsoft points.

The project was initially a project from six students from ENJMIN, a French game development school. It was eventually picked up by Neko Entertainment and was developed further. The game highlights the various basics of physics – momentum, friction, etc. You’ll need to work your way through fires, rifts, spells, and more without evaporating away.

Puddle is expected to be released on PlayStation Network on January 31 for $9.99.

Fading Shadows Announced

fadingshadowspackshot.jpgBringing puzzle-platforming to the PSP is European developer Ivolgamus, who is currently developing Fading Shadows for the aforementioned handheld device. Exclusive to the PSP, the game will feature action-based puzzle gameplay, with a “riveting and immersive” storyline, wireless multiplayer modes and more.

Fading Shadows sees the player faced with the challenge of saving Erwyn, whose death, according to the millennia-old prophecy, will allow evil master Gardal to breach the gates of the Castle of Heaven, the supreme fortress built to protect the world from the forces of darkness. Erywn’s soul has been enclosed in a protective orb by his clairvoyant sister, Aira, and the orb must now be transported to the Castle of Heaven, using a magical beam of light.

The player is charged with using the beam of light and exploit its state-changing abilities to complete the challenges set out in the 40 single-player levels or 10 multiplayer levels. Environments include swamps, mountains, castles and deserted cities. The game is due out in February 2008.

Runaway to DS

Nintendo DS owners will get an adventure game next year, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive and Pendulo Studios who are bringing Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle to the dual-screened handheld. The portable version of the game will take full advantage of the platform’s touch-screen controls, and will feature a new graphical codec that offers over hour of animated sequences to further the plot.

The game will comprise of 6 chapters, 30 characters, up to 100 locations, an intuitive zoom system, a new navigation system and an integrated help system to solve the most difficult puzzles.

Runaway will be released in North America during Q2 2008.

Exit, Battlestar Galactica Hitting XBLA

This Wednesday marks the release of two new Xbox Live Arcade games on the service – Battlestar Galactica and Exit. Here’s the deal:

“Battlestar Galactica,” developed by Australian-based Auran Games, involves intense space battles as players choose to side with either the Humans or Cylon forces. Piloting iconic ships from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider, players lead a squadron through fast-action multiplayer space combat or can play through the intense single-player campaign based on memorable episodes from the TV series, including the riveting first episode of the continuing series, “33,” and the 2007 Emmy Award-winning episode, “Exodus.” “Battlestar Galactica” features both single and multi-player modes for up to eight players, skill-based matchmaking and leaderboards.

A uniquely stylish and addictive puzzle game, “Exit” will have players using their decision-making skills and quick wit to escape numerous obstacles while rescuing people from more emergencies in over 220 levels. Developed by Taito, “Exit” stars Mr. ESC, the escape artist who goes wherever he’s needed to get people out of the worst predicaments you’ve ever seen. When it comes to escape, nothing’s impossible for Mr. ESC.

The games will be available for 800 Microsoft points each.

Left Brain Right Brain Announced

To bring out more ambidextrous gamers, Majesco has announced Left Brain Right Brain for the DS. This game features puzzles and mini-games that will have players honing their mental skills while improving the dexterity of both hands. It will feature multiplayer support, four single-player modes, 15 different mini-games and more. Look forward to it this Holiday season.

Bouder Dash Rocks! in Europe

EA and 10tacle have announced that they have signed a distribution agreement to release Boulder Dash Rocks! Across Europe this Holiday season. This remake of the cult classic is being developed for the PSP and DS.

Jörg Rohrer, Business Development Director at Electronic Arts Germany on the new edition of the famous diamond hunt, “We are incredibly pleased with the new approach the 10TACLE STUDIOS has taken on the classic Boulder Dash® brand. The game has been immensely popular throughout the years and offers an enormous amount of variety for a fun, casual digital gaming experience.”

This puzzle game made its original debut in the early 80s, having players collect diamonds while avoiding traps and beating opponents to reach them. The remake features a new multiplayer mode and three additional play modes, as well as two new game modes designed for the two different platforms.