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Sony: "We might be the last to the next-gen console race"

The next-gen race is starting to heat up, but it appears Sony may be late to the party. Talking to OPM, Philippe Cardone, head of Sony France, stated that the company will likely be the “last” in announcing its plans for the next-generation console race.

Cardone points out that Nintendo rushed the Wii U announcement because “it’s in decline.” He adds that Sony is under a “lot less pressure”, and that they might be the last to announce the successor to the PS3.

Lots of rumors have been going around lately regarding the successors to Xbox 360 and PS3. However, it seems the PS4 is a long ways off, and we shouldn’t expect any announcements from Sony at this year’s E3.

Sony: We’re not thinking about PS4 yet

280756043_ac40e7be4aPrevious generations had only lasted about five years each – the PS1 launched in 1994, PS2 in 2000 and the PS3 in 2006. Naturally it is time for the PS4, right? Wrong, says Sony, who is sticking to its 10-year plan for the PS3.

Head honcho Kaz Hirai, speaking to PC Watch, noted that the PS3 is nowhere near the end of its lifecycle. "We’re not even at the halfway point," he said. "Every year, we reveal and release new features.”

The company recently announced the NGP, the successor to the PSP. With the PS3 and NGP showing so much potential, Sony is "not deliberating on a PS4 or a next generation machine", insisted Hirai.

It makes a lot of sense financially. The PS3 has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. It would be a shame if a new console were to come and steal that thunder. The PSP, however, badly needed a major boost, hence the NGP.