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Ridge Racer gets PSN re-release

Get your racing cars ready, because Ridge Racer Type 4 is coming to town! The PS1 classic is hitting PlayStation Network next month for both PS3 and PSP.

It was originally released in 1999 to raving reviews. The game offers arcade-style drift racing that is synonymous with the series. The re-release features 48 cars, over 300 variations, eight tracks, two-player split-screen and enhanced graphics. No price was given.

A new Ridge Racer game is also in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. They are also making a Nintendo 3DS version.

Downloadable PS1/PS2 Games on PS3; Pricing Revealed

At its Gamers Day event last week, Sony revealed details regarding the PS3’s ability to download and play PS1 and PS2 games. Initially, games for the original PlayStation will be sold via download and transferred from a PS3 to PSP. However, at launch the PS3 will not be able to play those games, though the functionality is planned. Also: PSP users will be able to directly download PS1 games to the handheld without going through the PS3.

The company also noted that although PS1 and PS2 games will be fully playable on the PS3 (via backwards compatibility), the console will not upscale the resolution or offer any other forms of visual improvements over the original. As for pricing, Sony announced pricing for paid content on the PlayStation Network: all content – be it standalone PS3 games, PS1 games, extra content, or whatever – is likely to top out at $15.

No More PS1

Marking the end of a brilliant era, Sony has announced that it has officially pulled the plug on PlayStation One production. Having sold more than 100 million units in more than 11 years, the PSOne is said to be one of the most successful consoles ever.

Even though no more PS1s will be made, gamers can look forward to playing those games on the PSP thanks to a PS1 emulator that Sony is working on. Gamers can also play PS1 games on the PS2 and the upcoming PS3 without any problems.