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America's Army Protested Against

America’s Army, the tax-funded action shooter, has drawn fire from a group called Iraq Veterans Against the War, who stood in formation in front of a recruiting event shouting “war is not a game.” The protest did not last long, however, and from the description it seems that it was a rather spontaneous event rather than part of a larger campaign.

GTA 4 Release Protested by Jack Thompson

Jack ThompsonOur favorite lunatic, Jack Thompson, had sent out a mass-email to various news outlets, stating his plans to protest the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Apparently, he will take “various means to prohibit” the sale of the game to minors, but most surprisingly, he specifically targeted Bill Gates: “Please have your lawyers [Microsoft chairman Bill Gates’, that is] contact me in order that such sales will be prevented.”

He also added: “I and others will endeavor to stop Microsoft from participating in any fashion, directly or indirectly, in such sales to minors.”

Grand Theft Auto IV is slated for release this October on both PS3 and Xbox 360.