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Pre-order Halo 4 and get custom armor free

JBkSVThose who pre-order Halo 4 will receive special, custom armor for Master Chief, according to All Games Beta. The site is hosting images that show off the “Web”, “Darkeye”, “Forest”, and more armor skins that will be available from various retailers.

I must say, the armors look really good! The game is coming out on Xbox 360 on November 6.

Prey Limited Edition, Pre-Order Program Announced

To further promote Human Head’s upcoming shooter Prey, 2K Games has announced a Limited Collector’s Edition of the game for the PC and Xbox 360, as well as a pre-order program.

The Limited Collector’s Edition will include an original copy of Prey and include a special metal packaging, two die-cast pewter figurines (pictured) including the lead character Tommy and the alien Hunter, a free download to a Prey soundtrack, and a copy of “The Art of Prey” book featuring collected conceptual and development images from artists behind the game. The Limited Edition of the game will be available on DVD-ROM only.

Gamers who pre-order either the standard or Limited edition of the game will receive a die-cast pewter figurine of Mutate. The Mutate is a melding of the DNA of human and alien victims; it possesses a massive claw in the game that can impale its enemies.

Prey is due for release this July.

Auto Assault Collector's Edition Details

Details of the Collector’s Edition of Auto Assault have been announced by NCSoft. According to the company’s announcement, gamers who purchase the CE will get an exclusive in-game “pet” in the form of a radio-controlled car, a 19-track soundtrack of the game composed by Richard Dekkard, an Auto Assault poster, a headset (including microphone) for in-game chat, a fold-out road map of the game world, a key ring, collectable postcards and a 14-day free trial for a friend.

Interested gamers can pre-order the game starting March 17, ahead of the title’s Spring 2006 release. Those who pre-order will receive an exclusive in-game weapon, access to the Auto Assault beta and a four day head start when the game launches.