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Postal 3 Gameplay Trailer

Some gameplay footage from Postal 3 has been released, showing off the sure-to-be controversial open-world shooter. In development at Running With Scissors and Akella, the game is due out on PC and Xbox 360 by the end of the year, with an eventual PS3 release as well.

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Postal 3 Announced

Bad games can be forgiven (and forgotten), but partnering with Uwe Boll to create a movie based on your one and only franchise is… I don’t have words for it. Anyways, to prove that they are still alive, Running With Scissors sent out a press release announcing Postal 3 for PC and Xbox 360.

The game will use the Source engine to deliver a “new and advanced technical level of social satire and politically incorrect virtual violence.”

“We started this series back in 1997,” recalled RWS CEO Vince Desi, “and while the franchise has grown into an international computer game sensation during that time, it has always been our goal to bring it to the videogame console marketplace. For many years I’ve been asked by gamers around the world when POSTAL will appear on console. I’m so proud to be able to answer our fans’ prayers.”

The game will include motion-captured performances by a wide array of celebrities, including Playboy Playmates, as well as a storyline that offers “vast latitude in terms of their behavior.” As expected, Postal 3 will have gamers once again don the role of the nameless “Postal Dude.”

Postal 3 is scheduled for release in 2008.